Stop the Ravages of Aging… By Eating This Gem

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We hear a lot about “free radicals,” the marauders that damage our cells, even our DNA. They lead to premature aging on the inside as well as the outside of our bodies.

What causes free radicals? Pollution, chemicals, and cigarette smoke, to name a few. They turn oxygen inside our cells into the destructive force known as free radicals.

And there’s only one way we know of (at this point) to stop this damage.

Antioxidants in specific foods can neutralize free radicals – and stop their assault.

That’s where fresh fruits and vegetables come in. They are the source of multiple antioxidants. Eat plenty of them, and you should be fine, right?

Science has discovered it’s not that simple. Our cells don’t easily absorb the antioxidants in many foods, researchers have learned.

In fact, most antioxidants cannot enter a cell’s inner core. That’s the cell’s “power plant” and source of energy. Those mangoes and tomatoes and sweet potatoes you eat won’t help if the nutrients aren’t absorbed. The free radicals will continue their destruction.

That’s been the challenge for scientists – finding the natural foods that are easily absorbed into cells.

But finally, they have honed in on an OIL that shows great promise.

This oil comes from a real “wonder” fruit. People love its flavor. And it’s packed with vital nutrients and antioxidants.1

A group of scientists put this fruit oil through laboratory studies. They wanted to see how it interacted with yeast cells – the type used in wine and beer production.

Why yeast? Well, these cells are easier to study, compared to human and animal cells. But at the same time they provide the information researchers need. Yeast cells are very resistant to free radicals due to the fat that forms with yeast. This same kind of fat can be found in this oil – and in this fruit.2

The studies’ findings were very exciting…

Avocado oil protected the yeast cells from high levels of iron, which produce a huge amount of free radicals, according to Christian Cortés-Rojo, the researcher.3,4

Study after study has shown that avocados are good for your cholesterol, your heart, and help fight many chronic diseases.

Now we know that the body absorbs antioxidants in avocados more easily.

In fact, when you add avocados to your salad, antioxidants from other foods are better absorbed, too. Amazing, isn’t it?

In one study, a group of researchers asked the question: How do avocadoes and avocado oil affect other fruits and vegetables?5

They gave salsa or salads to 11 people. They tested each person’s blood after the meal. Then, they added avocado – or avocado oil –to each dish.

The people with avocado or avocado oil in their meal had higher levels of antioxidants in their blood.

When avocado was added to salsa, they had:

  • 4 times more lycopene
  • 2.6 times more beta-carotene

When avocado oil was added to the salad, they had:

  • 7.2 times more alpha-carotene
  • 15.3 times more beta-carotene
  • 5.1 times more lutein

Avocados are also a powerful source of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs). These MUFAs are good for you on a number of levels. They help control blood sugar.6 They also improve cholesterol and the lining of arteries.7  And, avocado oil reduces blood pressure.8 Of course, avocados do contain a lot of fat.  But healthy fats your body needs.

They’re also are packed with multiple critical vitamins:

  • Vitamin K is important to blood clotting. It may also help build strong bones.
  • Folate promotes healthy cell and tissue development.
  • Vitamin E protects body tissue from free radicals, and can protect the heart.
  • Lutein is necessary for protecting eyes and skin.
  • Vitamin C promotes growth and development, and blocks free radical activity.
  • Vitamin B6 supports healthy immune system, nerve function, and red blood cells.9

All this nutrition in one little green package. So if you’re looking for a real anti-aging miracle, look to your local farmer’s market.  Add some to your salad.  You can use avocado oil for cooking or put it right on your skin.  It has fantastic healing properties.

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