2 Brain Benefits in Just 8 Weeks

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Sometimes the best new solutions come from already proven remedies. If you’re looking to improve your mental performance, there’s an already beneficial tree bark extract that can help you out.

The new study comes out of Pescara University in Italy. Dr. Gianni Belcaro led the study and he’s published a number of recent studies on this extract. This time, he tested it in a clinical trial and the results were published in the Italian journal Panminerva Medica.

“This study indicates (it) improve(s) cognitive function,” he says.

Dr. Belcaro says the extract can improve oxygen-rich blood supply to the brain, which plays an important role for brain function.

The 53 patients involved in the study came away with two specific brain benefits after taking the extract for eight weeks. Their mental performance was significantly improved and their anxiety decreased dramatically.

Study Shows Patients Improved in 3 Ways

The tree bark extract used in this study is pine bark. The standardized version is called Pycnogenol, which specifically comes from the bark of a maritime pine that grows in southwest France. Research has already shown it works for plenty more than just improving your memory.

Dr. Belcaro gave all the patients verbal IQ tests to be sure they had a comparable intelligence level. Then he split the patients into a control or test group. He gave the test group 100 mg of Pycnogenol…and both groups took exams.

The test group enjoyed three big benefits:

  • Their attention, memory and mood all improved.
  • They had higher test scores on exams than the control group.
  • Their anxiety levels dropped by 17 percent so they felt more alert and content.

“The improvement was statistically significant,” says Dr. Belcaro.

This only solidifies previous research, which shows the extract improves cognitive function. An Australian study recently published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology also showed it improved memory in senior citizens.

Over 280 Studies in 40 Years

We aren’t certain why Pycnogenol has the positive effects that it does. Researchers have often pointed to its ability to improve brain circulation and that it’s a potent antioxidant.

Pycnogenol has endured 40 years of scientific research with over 280 studies that show it’s safe and effective. Medicines from pine bark have been used for hundreds of years…dating back to native North American and Canadian tribes.

If you’d like to enhance your mental performance, Dr. Belcaro’s study found 100 mg to be an effective daily dose. It’s considered a lower dose and doctors say it’s safe without many side effects. You can buy the capsules online or at any health food store.

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