2,000-Year-Old Chinese Scroll Reveals All-Natural Energy Source

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Everyone wants more energy and endurance. And a few years back, nobody needed a boost more than I did. I was a day trader. I would sometimes trade the US markets by day and European markets overnight. The level of stress was colossal. Not to mention physical and mental fatigue.

I still wanted to get my daily workout in. But that was becoming more difficult.

I vividly recall glancing over my shoulder one day… I saw another trader put some drops under his tongue. I asked him, “What are you doing?” And I couldn’t believe his answer.

But after doing some research – then trying it myself – I knew it worked. Six drops were like a shot of life. If you can imagine warm energy rushing into your body… that’s how it felt. And I blasted through a morning workout after an all-night trading session.

Now we’re revealing this energy-booster to you.

The study that grabbed me is from Dr. Gordon Sleivert. He’s studied applied exercise and sport physiology for 15 years. He was educated at the University of Victoria in British Columbia. He also studied at the University of Alberta. And at the University of Queensland in Australia. He was the Canadian Team Exercise Physiologist at the 2004 Athens Summer Olympics. He’s currently the VP of Sport Performance at PacificSport.

2,000-Year-Old Chinese Scroll Reveals All-Natural Energy Source

Before we get to the study, you should know exactly what we’re talking about. The endurance and energy booster is deer antler. It’s been the subject of inquiry for years. After all, what other mammal can fully regenerate a body part every year?

The first evidence of its use for health purposes? A 2,000-year-old scroll from a tomb in Hunan, China. Russia got wind of this renewable resource in the 1400s.

Since then, velvet deer antler has been used to help train Russian athletes. Many studies on those athletes were carried out in the 1960s and 1970s. They reported increased endurance and quicker recovery. We’ll get to them shortly.

The Deer Antler Extract Effect

Dr. Sleivert conducted his study at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. The goal was “to determine the effects of deer antler velvet on maximal aerobic performance and the trainability of muscular strength and endurance.”

In a double-blind study, 38 males were randomly assigned to take powdered antler or a placebo. Then they began a 10-week strength-training program.

The results: “There was a greater increase in isokinetic knee extensor strength and endurance in the powder compared to the placebo group.”

Dr. Jimmy Suttie has studied deer antler extensively in New Zealand. He was one of the original developers of deer velvet extracts.

Citing Dr. Sleivert’s study, Suttie said: “Although both groups gained in strength, the group administered the deer velvet gained significantly more strength than the control group. Not only were they significantly stronger, but they also demonstrated unexpected improvements in aerobic performance.”

Deer Velvet Improves Athletic Performance

Dr. Taneyeva was one of the first to research the effect of deer antler on athletes.

In 1969, he had 50 Russian men run a three-kilometer race. Half took velvet antler extract 30 minutes prior to the race. The other half took nothing. The extract group was “considerably faster on average than the placebo group.”

Two other Russian researchers, Dr. Yudin and Dr. Dobryakov, studied cyclists. Those in their control group cycled at 15 kg/meter. Those given the extract cycled at 74 kg/meter.

Brian Fisher, PhD, conducted an interesting study on the extract at the University of Alberta in Canada. Participants were recruits from the Edmonton Police Force. And the results of this study showed an increase in testosterone production.

This is important because a lack of testosterone can make you feel fatigued. And testosterone levels decrease as men age. It can even lead to chronic fatigue syndrome.

Where Can You Find This All-Natural Energy Booster?

Another name for the extract is pantocrin. It was developed by Russian scientists. You can order it online.

Herbalist Alan Tillotson runs the Tillotson Institute of Natural Health. He recommends 500 mg one to three times a day as a starting dosage. Then increase slowly.

The Chinese believe the tip of the antler has the most nutrients. Extract made from the tips is expensive… but worth it. It usually runs around $75 per bottle.

I tried a high-quality version that comes in a two-ounce bottle. The label recommends 3-12 droppers per day. One dropper is 75 ml. There are 5 mgs per ml. So that’s just over six droppers.

Deer antler is associated with many other health benefits. It stimulates red blood cell production by increasing oxygen uptake. Japanese studies show it reduces signs of aging. Chinese studies say it speeds the healing of broken bones. And it may improve sexual performance.

Dr. Ray Sahelian is the bestselling author of Natural-Sex-Boosters. He says, “At this time we have not seen any research regarding deer antler extract side effects.” So it’s safe too.

Many people swear by using it daily. It’s a good alternative to any energy drink. Those do way more harm than good. You can read how most of them contain a deadly ingredient here.

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