Herbal Remedy May Slash Blood Pressure

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There’s some hopeful news for people suffering with high blood pressure.

It comes from Dr. Ann Walker. She’s a Senior Lecturer with Reading University in the UK. She also runs a successful alternative health clinic in North East England.

She’s recently published a groundbreaking study. One which shows a simple herbal remedy can lower blood pressure. Even in people with diabetes.

Her research was published in the British Journal of General Practice. It shows that this natural remedy reduces blood pressure without affecting any medication the patients may be on.

Even better, it works in as little as four months and has no adverse side effects.

“Hypertension is a huge problem in society,” says Dr. Walker. “So any safe, natural approach, which can be used with or without modern drugs, is worth exploring.”

One in every three US adults have high blood pressure. High blood pressure increases your risk for two of America’s three worst killers.

According to the American Heart Association, it can fast-track your path to heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease.

And one glance at government statistics paints a dismal picture.

High blood pressure cost 326,000 American lives in 2006. And $76.6 billion in health care and drugs this year.

Another 25 percent of Americans have pre-hypertension. Meaning they’re on their way to joining the 33 percent who already have high blood pressure.

But Dr. Walker and her team offer hope that high blood pressure can be combated… and with a simple herbal remedy.

This treatment works even for people with diabetes.

“Lowering blood pressure in [those with] diabetes is very important,” says hypertension expert Professor Bryan Williams. “It reduces the risk of further complications.”

Professor Williams is a past president of the British Hypertension Society. He chairs the UK’s National Institute for Health and is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on blood pressure.

Prof. Williams says hypertension research offers new potential and deserves further “rigorous evaluation.”

So what is this simple herbal remedy? It’s an extract that comes from Hawthorne flowers. And Dr. Walker and her team are convinced it could help save thousands of lives each year.

“The blood pressure lowering effect in this study was very real,” says Dr. Walker.

More about this on Friday when we’ll review her findings. And find out how hawthorne works.

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  1. hi; this is abt the hawthorne remedy for high bp; but there r different types of bp; u did not say in yr article what kind of bp is helped by hawthorne; also does it help pre hypertension or really high cases of bp; also what pathway does it follow to treat bp; like, does it work like a calcium channel blocker, or ace inhibitor, or what exactly; pls clarify all thse details in yr next email which u say will be published next friday; i look forward to it; thks

  2. i am so glad to learn about your studies and findings . i am a traditional herbal healer in south africa . working in the rural areas . we are so rich in herbs , i use a few herbs with wonderfull results . . sceletium tortuosum to reduce stress and african potato [hypoxis hemerocallidea ] and aspalathus linearis in a decoction to lower blood pressure . having excelent results . might add i work mainly with black pensioners .. regards

  3. i have tried hawthorne before and the blood pressure benifits were insignificant, so it will depend on dosage and whether this product is mixed with other herbs. I would be interested in knowing the source for this product.

    John Thomas

  4. I am presently taking Bisoprolol/HCTZ 2.5/6.25 TB generic for Ziac and also Losartan Potassium 25MG Tab generic for Cozaar. These are both taken for my blood pressure. Is it possible to take your product which contains the Potassium and still take the Losartan Potassium which contains potassium. I know too much Potassium is very dangerous and could cause and even worst health issue if not death if too much is consumed. Please answer immediately.
    I also take Vitamin D3 and the vadik herb Bringraj eclipta alba for my hair.

  5. I am glad to know that.I would like to know the source of the product and dosage. It will help very much if source in India can be known.

  6. John Thomas makes a good point. Like they say there is hawthorne & there is hawthorne. What form, the source from where you can ensure reliable quality that works.

    May work for some & not for others. Eg my sister cannot sleep if she drinks tea at night, but coffee or tea does not affect my ability to sleep!

    Nonetheless, the fact that it has been found effective & adding science to why & how it works would be my 5 cents worth.
    Hanif Hussien

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