Hormonal Balance Vital to Prostate Health

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Is it possible to prevent – and even reverse – prostate cancer?

Dr. George Debled thinks it is.

As we explained on Tuesday, he’s operated a men’s health clinic for 20 years. He’s helped 2,000 men combat prostate disease.

He says the secret is in your own hormones. Young men have high free testosterone and low estrogen levels. It’s the natural healthy balance. Studies from Oxford to Harvard show that free testosterone is vital to prostate health. That’s why few young men have any prostate problems.

But as we age, we produce more estrogen and less testosterone. It’s this reversal in our hormones that puts aging men directly in the line of fire.

Free testosterone helps protect your prostate. But you also produce another type of testosterone called dihydrotetosterone (DHT). Lots of research shows that DHT causes cancerous tumors and cancer growth.

Your body relies on free testosterone. But when your levels are low, it falls back on DHT. That’s really bad for your prostate.

There’s a second piece to this puzzle. Estrogen levels rise as we get older. That’s bad too. Because two estrogen hormones cause prostate disease. One is estradiol (E2) and the other is estrone (E1). The best universities in the world have put out dozens of studies showing how these estrogen hormones cause cancer. Worse… they shut out free testosterone and promote DHT production.

“It is time to recognize that testosterone [is an] important hormone in men,” said Dr. John Lee. “Normal levels do not increase the risk of prostate cancer. They help prevent [it].”

Dr. John Lee is another MD who practices the same hormonal therapy. He was Harvard-trained and operated a 30-year family practice in Northern California. He’s the man who coined the phrase “estrogen dominance.” He literally wrote the book on sex hormones and health.

Before his recent death, he became convinced that aging men need more free testosterone. He was sure it was the key to preventing prostate disease.

According to Dr. Lee, 1-2 mg of a free testosterone transdermal cream each day will restore your proper hormonal balance. But you’ll need to get a doctor to write a prescription for it.

And this is an important point to remember: you should always consult a trained doctor before supplementing your testosterone levels. You need a doctor’s guidance and recommendation on testosterone supplementation. That’s because it can increase DHT and estrogen. Those levels have to be checked regularly. (Sometimes you may need additional supplementation to actually keep them down.)

So before you supplement your testosterone, consult a doctor. If he agrees that your levels are low and supplementation is smart, then you can also take advantage of some natural herbs.

There are plenty of herbal supplements you can take to protect your prostate. Saw palmetto, zinc, and selenium are just three of the supplements you should be taking.

But there are plenty more… and loads of other strategies to increase your testosterone. And they’re all included in the latest 18-page health research report from Natural Health DossierPrevent Prostate Cancer without Drugs or Surgery. You can subscribe to receive this month’s issue – and all the rest of our research team’s independent findings – simply by clicking here.

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