Calcium Paradox: The Key to Slashing Heart Risk

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Calcium Paradox: The Key to Slashing Heart Risk

New research offers hope that one specific vitamin may be able to limit – and reverse – heart disease. These findings come from Dr. Leon Schurgers. He’s a graduate of the prestigious University of Maastricht in the Netherlands. Now, he leads heart research at the world-renowned Cardiovascular Research Institute in the Netherlands.

The latest research shows that this vitamin can slash your risk of heart disease by 57 percent. But most Western diets are seriously lacking in it.

Dr. Richard A. Passwater, Ph.D., is championing this research. Dr. Passwater is the father of modern health research. He was the first man to show that antioxidants could combat cancer. He was also the first to show that vitamin E may reduce heart disease.

“I read the research reports of Dr. Leon Schurgers,” says Dr. Passwater. “I knew this was indeed an important breakthrough in treating cardiovascular disease.”

Dr. Schurgers’s breakthrough offers a new understanding of calcium’s role in heart disease. And how it may be a big factor in most heart attacks.

His brand new study shows that one little-known vitamin can redirect that calcium to where it needs to go. And keep your arteries clear of plaque.

“We have shown that cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis have common pathways,” says Dr. Schurger. “Studies show that calcium [is] linked to [both] diseases.”

Prior studies revealed the link between the two diseases.

“Lack of [calcium] in the bones makes them weak,” says Dr. Schurger. “But excessive amounts in blood vessels leads to cardiovascular disease.”

His latest research shows that Vitamin K2 can combat both diseases. That’s because it helps bones absorb calcium while removing it from arteries.

We’ll reveal the science behind the Calcium Paradox on Friday. And tell you how to get vitamin K2 into your diet.

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  1. I suffered a minor heart attcack 2 years ago. A small artery (distal?)in the back of my heart was blocked 100% all other arteries were 100% clear. I was stented and when I got out of the hospital, I have my Primary do a blood test. I had high calcium. When I saw the heart specialist a few days later I related it to him and he said that I had high calcium in the hospital… I asked then why wasn’t I treated for it? I went to an Endocrinoligest. He ran all kinds of tests. 24 hour urine Blood tests etc. Then I read that high calcium can be due to a lack of salt in the diet, which I was avoiding. When I added some salt to my diet, the problem went away and my tests are now normal. My point is that the AMA pitches us to avoid salt and it probably caused my attack. These so called Doctors know nothing about nutrition and vitamins.

  2. This is great information and it will give many who have blood pressure problems hope.

  3. What about people using warfarin for Arterial Fibrilation, can they use vitamin K2?

  4. Yes please I would like more information and how to get Vitamin K because I have calcium in the arteries but my bones do not have enough calcium. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Carmen.

  5. This is very interesting, calcium may be causing heart and artery disease, and Vitamin K2 may redirect it so that it is no longer a problem. Looking forward to hearing more details Friday.

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