The Independent Healing #SugarFree30 Challenge is officially over. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Need help killing your sugar cravings? We have a special “secret” to help you do just that. Go here now to get a risk-free trial.


Check out Angela’s video update. And be sure to share your #SugarFree30 experience with us. We’ve made it extremely easy to record and submit your very own video update. Click here and tell us how your challenge is going so far. We started gathering a list of sugar free recipes to try. You can find them here. When checking labels, remember that sugar may also be listed as one of these names instead.


Record and submit your own video update here.


The Sugar Free 30 Challenge starts today! Remember, you are not doing this alone.


As we’re gearing up for the Sugar Free 30 Challenge, get the lists of what foods you can eat and what you should throw away here.


The holidays are quickly approaching and you know what that means: sugar. Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pie, Christmas cookies…all sorts of foods we shouldn’t be putting into our bodies. In order to help you feel better and stay healthy, our first 30 Day Challenge is cutting out sugar in your diet. Thirty days of no added sugars starts October 27th and we hope you’ll join us.

We want to hear from you. Comment below with your #SugarFree30 experience.



  1. I read about the sugar free 30 day challenge, and i undertod that i kilIing my self, then i
    started cut candies, cokies, cakes, bread and sodas since a week ago, since i lose 2 pounds, thank , i will continúe with the chaallenge

  2. I start from today , let see what happens , pray for me

  3. Why do all the nuts have sugar in them?!?!? Even the loose self serve nuts you buy at health food store. Why?!? It’s nuts. Sunflower seeds too. Finally after two different stores I found the seeds without sugar. Went to have a piece of organic turkey and as I was chomping on it, saw it had sugar listed in ingredients, spit that out! Realized it was maple glazed, geez. So, I’m doing rotisserie chicken. Read every single bottle of salad dressing at the store, not a one w/o sugar. Olive oil and vinegar is what I’m doing. Never realized how much sugar is in stuff – real eye opener. So far doing great, no cravings, but I do miss a few things for sure. I love protein smoothies, and I do buy excellent grade whey, has no soy, dairy, sugar and non GMO, but I used to mix it with chocolate coconut milk, now I’m doing unsweetened coconut milk, it’s ok, but the smoothies just aren’t as yummy. I use raspberries in hit and no sugar almond butter. Bought some raspberry extract today to try with it since the smoothies tastes a bit bland.

  4. There is no way to cut all sugar from your diet, unless you eat tree bark and dirt, everything has sugar of some form in it. If you want to eat straight stone ground oats with a sprinkling of cornmeal (which has sugar) on it, for 30 days, will you lose weight? Yes, you will, because you are starving!! I can see cutting out cokes, and candy, stuff like that, but, even (get this) sugar free natural yogurt has at least 6 grams of sugar per serving!! And honey, natural honey, is sugar, so I’m guessing some sugar is supposed to be good for you. Just don’t eat Capt Crunch for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  5. After gaining about 10 lbs during a business trip in April, I committed to cut out all deserts from my diet cold turkey. Since that decision, I have lost 15 lbs. The only thing about it, though, was that my commitment wavered when it came to soft drinks and ice cream bars! Since joining the Sugar Free 30 Challenge, I’m happy to say that I’ve been 10 days without those, too, as well as the G2 Gatorade drinks and Starbucks-style Chai tea lattes. I’m down a couple more pounds and am much more conscious of checking labels and making better choices. Like others have already said, it’s tough to find much of anything without sugar. Consequently, I can’t say that I’m totally sugar-free, yet, but I’m taking major strides in that direction. This is going to be a ‘game-changing’ event in my life!

  6. I am doing well when shopping I do check labes for sugar content. I have no
    problem, with being sugar-free. thank you for your interest.

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