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Salt Dangers Are Overblown, Study Finds 

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For years, mainstream doctors have been telling us we need to cut down on salt. They say it’s bad for your heart because it raises your blood pressure. 

The average American gets about 3.4 grams of salt a day. But the World Health Organization says we should get no more than 2 grams The American Heart Association limit is even lower at 1.5 grams.Read More

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Simple Trick to Cut Nighttime Bathroom Trips

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A new study shows that one easy diet change can end annoying nighttime bathroom trips.

After age 50, most people wake up one or more times a night to urinate. This is a condition called nocturia. It can lead to sleep disruption, daytime tiredness, irritability, and stress.[1]

Most people with this problem are told to reduce the amount of water they drink before bedtime.… Read More