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Toxic Metal Lurking in Your JUICE?!

In All Health Watch, General Health by INH Research

Tell me you wouldn’t be a little concerned if you saw THIS headline…

Draft Guidance for Industry: Action Levels for Lead in Juice

Seems outrageous, but that’s exactly what a recent announcement from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration said.

In a nutshell, the FDA is openly issuing “guidance” to the food and beverage industry on how to LIMIT the amount of lead in juices.… Read More

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The Hidden Reason You’re Putting on Weight

In All Health Watch, Diet and Nutrition, Featured Article, Weight Loss by INH Research

You may figure that weight gain is an inevitable part of aging. But a major study has discovered that there may be a hidden culprit behind mid-life body fat.

And it has nothing to do with getting older.

Researchers at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle followed the eating and drinking of habits of more than 49,000 post-menopausal women for five years.… Read More