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Allergic to Nuts? Here’s Why You’re Probably Not

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More than 3 million Americans have been told by their doctors that they have a nut allergy.

Typically, they are diagnosed after eating something containing nuts and having a reaction. When they go to their doctor, they are given a skin prick or blood test to confirm their sensitivity.

If the test is positive, their doctor tells them to stay away from all nuts.… Read More

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The Surprising Source of Christmas Allergies

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Doctors have noticed for years that patients with allergies and asthma have problems around the holidays. This is true even though the typical plant allergy triggers—such as ragweed and other heavy pollen producers—are not blooming in December. [1]

A study looked at a surprising potential source of the unexplained allergy symptoms: Christmas trees.

Researchers at St. Vincent’s Medical Center in Bridgeport, Conn.,… Read More