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3 Simple Steps to Fight Age-Related Health Issues

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You know the old adage…

Age is just a number.

But when it comes to your health, sometimes you need to pay close attention to that ‘number.’

Because the fact is, the older you get, it’s more likely you’ll be susceptible to age-related health issues.

In fact, a new study authored by researchers from Penn State and Texas State University found that baby boomers are now MORE LIKELY to live with numerous, chronic health conditions compared to earlier generations.… Read More

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[Revealed] Seniors Are Now Living LONGER!

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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic became part of our lives back in March 2020, it sure seems like there hasn’t been a whole lot of “positive” news to celebrate.

But today, I’m here to share some health news we should ALL be celebrating… especially if you’re a senior.

It’s something you probably haven’t seen on a network news station… but it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.… Read More

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Use Your Body Clock to Prevent Cancer 

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There are tried-and-true methods to prevent cancer. But most are difficult.  

It’s not easy to quit smoking, to lose weight, or to make big changes to your diet.  

And one of the biggest cancer risk factors—your genes—are impossible to change. There’s nothing you can do about your DNA.  

But what if you could prevent cancer without making any major lifestyle changes?Read More