[Revealed] Seniors Are Now Living LONGER!

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Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic became part of our lives back in March 2020, it sure seems like there hasn’t been a whole lot of “positive” news to celebrate.

But today, I’m here to share some health news we should ALL be celebrating… especially if you’re a senior.

It’s something you probably haven’t seen on a network news station… but it’s sure to bring a smile to your face.

Because a new study has found that folks are now living longer and healthier lives!

Enjoy More Years of Healthy Living?!

According to a new study out of the United Kingdom, the average person’s “healthspan” is increasing –meaning, folks are living LONGER without a disability.

The study found that the average number of years of disability-free life expectancy (DFLE) increased between 1991 and 2011.

And they found it’s not just the folks in top-notch health living longer…

Even folks with chronic health conditions are now living longer, too.

Researchers found that both men AND women with chronic conditions such as arthritis, coronary heart disease, stroke, and diabetes gained more years in DFLE.

There are a number of factors that are spearheading this increase in longevity…

Advances in modern medical care and treatment have certainly helped folks with chronic conditions function better.

But in many cases, an increased awareness of taking natural approaches to health and wellness are helping seniors live healthier lives.

For instance, a new study from the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that while many age groups have seen a big decline in exercise, seniors are more active than ever.

And more and more seniors are now actively taking vitamins and supplements. In fact, a Harris Poll survey found that 82-88% of folks aged 55 and older are taking vitamins or supplements.

The bottom line?

There are many factors to help you live a long, healthy life. But staying active, eating a healthy diet, getting routine checkups, and opting for vitamins and supplements to support your health are some of the best bests to help increase YOUR “healthspan.”

In the meantime, continue to work with your doctor on a plan that’s best suited for you.