Sugar Free 30 Challenge

Good health can—and will—change your life.

We’re here to prove it with the Independent Healing 30 Day Challenge specifically designed for you to participate.

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The holidays are quickly approaching and you know what that means: sugar. Halloween candy, Thanksgiving pie, Christmas cookies…all sorts of foods we shouldn’t be putting into our bodies.

In order to help you feel better and stay healthy, our first 30 Day Challenge is cutting out sugar in your diet. Thirty days of no added sugars starts October 27th and we hope you’ll join us.

Because when you start to eliminate it from your diet, you’ll begin to experience:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Reduction of headaches
  • Weight loss
  • Clearer focus and improved mental state
  • Clearer and more beautiful skin
  • Less sugar cravings

How can you get involved?

We hope you decide to join us during our 30 day no sugar challenge. Even if you don’t start at day 1, every day you go without poisoning your body with excess sugar makes a difference. It’s easy:

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  3. Be sure to Like us on Facebook if you aren’t already involved in our community. We will be sharing lots of great tips that will help you stay on track every month.

Here’s to staying sugar free for 30 days—and maybe even beyond!


Guidelines for the Challenge:

1. Eliminate all added sugars, refined sugar, natural and artificial sweeteners from your diet.

2. Naturally occurring sugars, such as those in fruit, are allowed.

3. Read the ingredients list closely. A label may list a few grams of sugar, but not list any in the ingredients. Those are most likely naturally occurring sugars.

4. But beware of sugars hiding under sneaky names. Like: barley malt, cane juice, corn syrup, maltodextrin, and words that end in –ose (sucrose, dextrose, maltose).

5. If you slip up: keep going! At the end of 30 days, a mistake here and there will seem like nothing compared to what you accomplished.

Not only does sugar make you fat…there are other hidden dangers:

  1. It can give you cancer. Many studies show a link between sugar consumption and increased cancer risk.
  2. Too much leads to type 2 diabetes. Too much sugar in the blood can cause insulin resistance.
  3. Sugar can overload your liver. Excessive fructose forces the liver to turn it to dangerous fat.
  4. It’s bad for your teeth. Your mom was right…sugar provides easy energy to bad bacteria in your mouth.
  5. It hurts your heart. Sugar increases triglycerides (fat in the blood) and can increase bad cholesterol.


    1. I use Stevia, however I have heard that is not good for you also. Is this true? I just had my blood sugar test and it was only 85. What else can be used in place of sugar?

        1. Would love to know where that information came from that Stevia harms liver.Never heard anything anywhere about it doing any harm.

    2. The first one on the list is natural sweeteners. I guess, stick to fruit. As far as I know, the reason why natural sweeteners are a no-no is for two reasons:
      1) your brain just recognizes it as sugar
      2) not every company is the same, by not having any of it, you eliminate the possibility of having something bad on your diet.

    3. Xylitol is not natural, it is a combination of chemicals.
      Is there any studies done on humans ? Effect on the liver ? ext ?

    4. You are doing a great job helping people in a Holistically.
      My husband & I are 48 yrs old & exercise 30mins on the Cross Trainer [burn 400 kcals] 5 times a wk & have sweets only on the weekend, no sodas, no frying & stick to healthy high fibre diet.
      About 2 mths ago we have started taking 1 tsp Organic Spirulina daily & use Stevia instead of Sugar in our teas. One question I have is if Spirulina is good for my husband whose IRON blood count is just above normal [not ‘hh’ genes] & if you recommend Stevia ? I thought it’s good for him to take as well maybe to reduce the risk of getting Parkinson’s like his father & great aunt.
      With me, I had made Bilateral Reconstruction Breast Surgery for prevention 7 yrs ago as I was diagnosed with LCIS & also that year had Skin Basal Carcinoma so I am high risk C. Also, I am experiencing pre -menopause symptoms so I thought 1 tsp of Spirulina should help me. Do you agree ? All other blood tests we took were great. Looking fwd to hear from you. Thx Nadine

  1. I am a diabetic a D my biggest problem is desserts. I can avoid high carb foods but when I eat a piece of pizza it doesn’t stop there I need to eat two more. I want to break this addiction to foods that are raising my glucose readings.

    1. I have been informed that I have low blood sugar and must change my diet to avoid Diabetes???? What are your recommendations, other than cutting back on carbs and sugar?

  2. It seems that I can’t lose weight no madder what I try I use Stevia in stead of sugar, have been using it for over 10 yrs. would like to know if Stevia is safe to use or to I have other options.

    1. we tried to use none of those processed sugar alternatives. reason for this is that we do not know what chemicals the manufacturers used to extract the “sugar.” so we bought several stevia plants and propagated them so that we now have close to 15 pots. i’m a sugar-holic. when we brew our tea or coffee, we put 2-4 leaves in the pot and the brew comes up with a pleasant sweet taste. sometimes we include other herbs like basil, mint, peppermint, with the stevia leaves also in our salads or our brew. there are many sugar replacements but we have not found any that has no after taste. so we just stayed with the stevia leaves.

    2. hi alice,
      like you i have been trying to lose weight as well but could not because of my sugar-tooth. but when i cut out any wheat products ( bread, pasta, cookies. etc), refined sugar, dairy products ( i only ate eggs once every 2-3 weeks)and meat except fish, i lost 10 pounds in 8 days. it has been two months and it has been good. all my aches and pains, brain fog are gone. i wish you well in your journey to find the right foods for yourself. look into possible food allergies that you may have.

  3. What about Truvia, is it safe? I’ve been using that for awhile now instead of other substitutes.

  4. What about honey? Supposed to be all natural, but is it bad? I know Stevia made in China isn’t good for you. What about red wine? Its supposed to be good for you, but how much bad sugar in a bottle of wine? Grapes have sugar, but is it bad like the processed sugar?

    1. I hear no dairy from all my readings. I now use almond milk but have not used it in baking yet

      1. Almond milk works fine in all my recipes. I use it in place of skim or 2% milk all the time now.

  5. I use unpasteurized honey for my baking if it calls for 1 cup sugar I use 1/2 cup honey.I buy my honey in 12lb. pails and use approximately 3 of these pails sometimes less even use honey in my fruit cakes.

    1. Jessica, my readings tell me to avoid all dairy, as they cause Breast and Prostate cancers. you could also use ESSIAC (a herbal blend made into tea) or Flor. Essence which is the same thing just already brewed for you. you should also check out William Kelly Eidem ([email protected]) he has a recipe that a friend of mine with breast cancer used and she is now completely clear. by the way all Sugar is bad, unless it is from fruit or vegetables, because you eat the whole thing with all it’s fibre to flush the excess out.

  6. I began splurging for the past few days, knowing I was going to do this challenge, with God’s help. It seems when I know I’m going to cut things out, I go out and have those items in abundance, so hopefully, this time I’ll keep going after the challenge ends. I know how bad sugar is for you, but it’s soooo addictive.

    1. Kathleen L
      You can take Gymnema Sylvestre, it curbs the cravings for sugars and carbs, makes them taste like salt, so you just don’t feel like them anymore

  7. aspartame gives you MS symptoms, and was wood alcohol that made people go blind.
    Splenda attacks the kidneys with it’s hydrogen molecule.
    High fructose corn syrup causes sugar diabetes.
    Etc… aren’t you safer with sugar?

  8. Hi everyone if you want to get rib of diabetes just eat an apple and a pear one hour before lunch and dinner and that will solve the problem. Just be patient for a week and that is all you have to do. Example, when you wake up after eight hours of sleep you haven’t eaten so why you should have a high reading of glucose? this happens because the liver and the kidneys are producing the glucose while you are asleep and this happens because part of the liver has no ability to process the sugar from soda, high-fructose, corn syrup, and plain sugar. so eating an apple and a pear before each meal helps to eliminate the bad sugars out of your system add supplements like D3+K2, B12 and all fats from nuts and you will be cured from the disease.

  9. I have been using stevia (30 drops a day in 40 ounces of Chinese green tea) for the last 25 years. I’m still alive. I think it depends upon the type of stevia you use. I know mine comes from a very, very good source.

    1. Hi Frank, what source does your Stevia come from if it is ok for you to share. Thanks in advance. Fifi

  10. I wanted to do the 30-day challenge but didn’t start it because I have most of the questions that I read here. I did not see any answers from the INH. So what I want to know is whether or not INH will (if ever) be responding to our questions. Thanks!

  11. Glad to find a site to get into a challenge with sugar. I am in remission for 2 1/2 years with leukemia .. I know that sugar is not good and I am always aware of it .. this challenge is a good one and I hope to learn a lot more than I know .. and with this support group .. this is all doable .. good luck everyone .. good timing as well as Christmas is just around that corner ..

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