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Here’s to staying sugar free for 30 days—and maybe even beyond!



  1. Being signed up for a no sugar challenge for 30 days isn’t going to be easy but I’ll give it my all. I have lost 63 pounds in 6 months and I don’t ever want to gain it back. I believe in order not to gain it back you must stay away from the sugar shack.

    1. That is awesome, Laurel!! Congratulations! We look forward to your participation! We are here for you!

    1. Like to try this 30days ..I’m diabetes for one year.and gain with blood sugar..08
      I hop help me…..

  2. I will join even though I work in a bakery GOD help me please, this will be the ultimate challenge just because!!!!!

    1. Audrey that is great! We will be here to help you! So glad you decided to join.

  3. This is going to be interesting and difficult! I need all the help and encouragement possible.

    1. That’s what we are here for, Freda! We look forward to having you participate.

  4. I have don it before and was on top of the world. Until i started using sugar again. Now cleaning up and being motivated. No more added sugar or replacements for sugar wil keep me in line. So all of you starting with me: Drink plenty water and don’t forget nature gave us the possibility to eat fruit, not to drink it!!

  5. Looking forward to having you all participate! This is going to be great!

  6. i am pre diabetic and start having problems with my gums . i lost one of my tooth and i don,t wanna lose more so i want my body sugar free

  7. i’m touched by the decision not to use sugar not only for 30 days but for life

  8. I am a senior and am happy for the support of a group effort to cut down if not eliminate sugar. Am almost pre=diabetic, so this challenge is very timely.

  9. I stopped all sugar possible, cold turkey on 6/24/14. Yesterday I had strong cravings. I have to keep myself in check. It will be interesting to see how this 30-day program works. Everyone take care and stay away from the candy counter!

  10. I am looking forward to again making this change. I have done this in the past and one of the most noticable effects was having a much clearer head and more energy. The change was very surprising, but I didn’t stick to it. This time I want to continue being sugar free and look forward to advice on options for more flavorful food.

  11. I have been struggling with sugar all of my life. I need to do this for myself and my two grandsons I have custody of ages 9 & 7. That’s going to be a separate challenge all in itself. I am very anxious about it, it’s going to take a lot of support, which I’m hoping to find here. Everything I buy contains sugar, so when I start this challenge I’m going to walk into the grocery store and feel like an infant, not knowing where to start. So here goes baby steps!!!!!

  12. I have sugar cravings all the time. Whenever I can’t find any chocolate, I pour some sugar in my hand and I eat it, that’s how bad it is. I’m looking forward to this.

  13. Found out I have serious diabetes 2 months ago so have went drastic and pretty much cut out all pasta, breads, rice (don’t really miss them) Go mostly raw veggies with the occasional steamed veggie and occasional meat. And picked up the exercising to another level. Feel so much better, lost 10 pounds…how on earth I’ll drop another 30 is beyond me…but will keep plugging away. Still doing the occasional cheat with sugar as in Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuchino… 😛 (but cut the regular sugar mostly out), so do have some room for improvement 🙂 Chloresterol and sugar numbers drastically improved, but want even better… so here goes! Thanks for leading the way!

  14. I have cut back the obvious sugar challenges. You know, cake, pie, cookies, etc. For about 6 months I also cut out ALL sugar everywhere. I lost 50 pounds when I completely cut out sugar and gluten. I have slowly, however, allowed small amounts of sugar back into my diet. It’s good to have some accountability to get completely off sugar again.

  15. I am 80 y.o and spent all my life eating without worrying about sugar. I became a diabetic about 1 year ago. On the other hand, I took a test and found out I am full of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, pesticides, etc.. I believe my diabetes is toxic. I will try detox first and see, if my diabetes disappears. I recommend this to everybody.

  16. I don’t have a “sweet tooth” – I have a full set, uppers & lowers!
    What a great time of year to get this under control……

  17. every time I eat a chocolate I feel so guilty but still cannot seem to stop. I was eating a peppermint crisp chocolate when I saw the challenge. Am looking forward to this and hope to conquer, am desperate.

  18. Here’s an 83 year old male with weight loss issues who is eager to try with the support your group offers. I need to drop about 40 pounds of excess weight, mostly around the middle, accumulated since a mild heart attack of several years ago. I have never fully recovered and don’t expect I will be able to until I resolve the weight loss issue. A former long distance runner, swimmer, and avid tennis buff, I have been yo-yo dieting since my last marathon run in 2001. That’s more than a decade of unsuccessful trying. Give me a hand up folks, and I’ll try to make it this time.

    1. Hi Dickson.. I’m 72, a former triathlete, and have been playing with the idea of getting back to a healthy way of living for the last decade. Hopefully with the support of this group I’ll hold myself accountable. Good luck and my full support for your effort.

  19. I have stage IV metastatic breast cancer I need to save my life maybe this is a start

  20. I’ve been doing low carb-NO SUGAR for 5 mos. now and lost 40 lbs. and never felt better! I have a long way to go–at least 100 lbs so I want to join this challenge to keep me motivated to lose more and be healthy!

  21. My new doctor actually called my voluptuous, zaftig body OBESE at our first meeting last month. I am hoping this challenge will help put me on track and I can drop 15 pounds by the next appointment with my overly direct physician in 3 months.

  22. Looking forward to better health with no sugar. I need to reduce my bellyfat and reduce the strain on my heart. I hope I can gain some great ideas on alternatives to eat that are no sugar options. I did this for 30 days once without fruit even (candida cleanse) and I felt great and lost about 30 lbs. I want to join and feel better.

  23. I am prediabetic and my doctor says that I am obese i love savoury. Muffin s and gluten free toast
    as I am recovering from gastro afew days ago it is time to get back on track i also have fibromyalgia and feel i need carbohydrates to cope with the pain
    i need help

  24. Hello people please help me I’m the worst sugar junkie ever. I know it makes me have vag odor any suggestions?

  25. I know I am addicted to carbs and enjoy sweet things to treat myself. I also always feel hungry – I am wondering how I will cope without something sweet in my life!????!

  26. I have been diabetic since 1990. weighing 19 stones.a taxi driver with a sedentary lifestyle. Since then i have lost 6stones (163 pounds) 5ft10″. For the past year i go to the gym No processed food no sweeteners only low glycimic fruit. I thought it would reverse my diabetis. and i would lower my overall weight but its not working HELP Michae

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