FDA Approves New Wonder Drug… on Just 8 Weeks of Testing

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The FDA has just approved a new antidepressant drug. It’s called vilazodone. And it’s been created by a small biotech company called Clinical Data.

The story you’ll read in the newspapers is that this new drug is a Good Thing. That’s because it’s the first antidepressant that doesn’t seem to have sexual side effects.

In theory, that is good news for the 18 million Americans dealing with depression each day.… Read More

Natural Remedy Reduces Stroke Risk by 34 Percent

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There’s good news for people with high blood pressure (HBP). That’s because new research shows that one simple remedy can significantly lower it.

HBP drugs are big business in the medical industry. But they pose risks of their own… everything from minor ailments like heartburn to life-threatening consequences like kidney damage.

That’s why a group of scientists have been looking at what makes these drugs work.… Read More

FDA Decision May Double Weight Loss Surgeries

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More people may soon be losing weight through surgery. That’s because the FDA is reviewing a study by Allergan. Allergan is a pharmaceutical company that hopes to increase the number of people who qualify for surgery.

The FDA is already responding favorably to the study. It just issued a press release saying the surgery offers “statistically significant decreases in weight loss.”… Read More

Can You Count on the Label? Know Your Risk

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What’s in the drugs that you take? You may have done your research and know exactly what it’s composed of. You may even know how it’s likely to affect you.

But breaking news reveals that you can’t believe what you read on the label. It’s anyone’s guess what threat these drugs may pose. That’s because the world’s leading drugs manufacturer is selling contaminated – and ineffective drugs.… Read More

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Antidepressants Do More Bad than Good

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Someone you love seems different all of a sudden. They’re sad all the time. They may even be clinically depressed. What do you do to help this person?

Your first reaction is to run to the doctor. And his first response may be antidepressants.  After all, US doctors wrote 189 million prescriptions for antidepressants in 2005 alone.

But here’s the really depressing news: antidepressants don’t work.… Read More