[Guys] Are Small ‘Pee Problems’ DEADLY?

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Guys, do you find yourself constantly waking up at night to pee?

Getting more of those sudden urges to ‘go’ … and barely making it to the toilet?

Or, even worse… becoming a victim to those demoralizing ‘leaks?’

If these ‘pee problems’ sound familiar… there’s nothing to be ashamed of (it happens to a lot of older guys) …

But they are something you should take seriously… as a new study has found that even the smallest issues with your bladder could take years off your life!

Here’s what you need to know – and how you can naturally temper your overactive bladder.

Minor Urinary Issues Increase Your Risk of DEATH?

A new study out of Finland has found that men over the age of 50 with moderate to severe lower urinary tract symptoms (aka ‘LUTS’) are connected to an increased risk of early death – even for guys that classified their urinary symptoms as “not bothersome.”

In fact, the study found:

  • A 20% increase in death risk among men diagnosed with moderate to severe bladder emptying or “voiding” symptoms (i.e., urinary hesitancy, weak stream, straining).
  • And, a 40% increase in death risk among men with “storage” problems (i.e., frequently peeing all day and night, or various types of incontinence/leakage).

In other words, those seemingly ‘embarrassing’ issues can literally cut your life short.

But there are steps you can take to address these issues – and none of them include buying those dreaded adult diapers.

First and foremost, be sure to work with your doctor (or a urologist) if you’re experiencing any of these urinary issues. Often times these problems can be controlled with exercises (both of the body and mind).

You can also take advantage of a natural compound called capsaicin that’s been proven to help strengthen your bladder function.

Capsaicin is found in the vibrant flesh of chili peppers. Studies have found that incorporating capsaicin can help nearly TRIPLE your overall bladder capacity (which means less frequent urination).

If you have a sensitivity to chili peppers, you can also find capsaicin supplements at most health food stores. Just be sure to only take the dosage listed on the product label.