The Worst Diabetes ‘Diet’ Advice YET!

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If you or a loved one suffers from type 2 diabetes, you already know that there are plenty of shortcuts out there that promise to help you ‘manage’ the disease…

Especially when it comes to your DIET!

There’s no shortage of foods lining the grocery store shelves with “low sugar” or “diabetes-friendly” labels…

But a closer look at those labels reveal they are nothing but artificial, processed JUNK masquerading as healthy food.

Unfortunately, the path to an effective diet for managing your diabetes just keeps getting more complicated.

Because there’s a new study making the rounds about eating and diabetes that is blatantly misleading…

But today, I’m here to cut through the noise, and give you the harsh truth behind this latest diabetes ‘diet’ advice.

Processed Foods Are OKAY For Diabetics?

A new study is putting a twisted spin on the long-standing truth about the role your diet plays with diabetes.

The headline of the study reads…

“Study: Eating processed food at night raises risk for heart disease death in diabetics.”

At first glance, that seems pretty obvious, right?

After all, eating processed foods is every diabetic’s kryptonite.

But after reading more about the study, it says that processed foods are generally okay for diabetics…


Now, it doesn’t come right out and say that processed foods are perfectly fine, but one could interpret this latest study to mean it’s perfectly fine to devour a bag of potato chips every day… as long as it’s not late in the day.

Folks, if you’re serious about controlling your diabetes, that advice is just simply not true!

You want to know what is true?

Skip the processed stuff altogether!

I know that it’s difficult, but sticking to whole, natural foods like vegetables, fruits, and meats – you know, the stuff you can only find in the outer perimeter of your grocery store – is the only dietary advice you need to effectively manage and control your blood sugar.

Eating processed foods – no matter what time of day – is just setting yourself up for failure.