“I Could Actually Feel My Brain Healing”

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Strengthen your natural defense against memory decline and Alzheimer’s.

Julie Gregory remembers the exact moment she first started to worry about Alzheimer’s disease.  

A woman approached her in the store. “Julie! Hi!” the woman said. “How have you been?”i 

Julie stared at her blankly, frantically searching her memory. A few uncomfortable seconds passed.  

“Remember, our sons went to school together?” the woman said. “We did playground duty together.” 

Julie began to panic. She had no idea who the woman was. 

“I tried to act like I sort of knew her,” Julie said. “I was so upset I left the store. It was horrible.”  

After that incident, she suffered more disturbing memory lapses.  

While driving familiar roads, she would forget for a few moments where she was. She would read and be unable to remember just minutes later even a shred of the material. 

Testing confirmed her worst fears. She was suffering from cognitive impairment and she had the Alzheimer’s gene. 

Julie was devastated. And her doctor didn’t help matters. 

“I asked him what I could do to stop my symptoms from worsening or even reverse them,” she said.  

“His response to me? ‘Good luck with that.’ I was crushed.” 

Once she got over her initial shock, Julie realized that she would have to come up with her own treatment plan. She read everything she could about brain aging.  

In this issue of Independent Healing, you’ll learn what Julia and others like her have already discovered: That cognitive decline is not an inevitable part of getting older.  

We’ll tell you about a crucial neurological defense system. It protects your brain from toxins and pathogens. When this security wall is weakened, it can lead to brain inflammation, memory problems, and dementia. 

Researchers have found that this vital brain shield is damaged in nearly 60% of people over age 70.  

But scientists have discovered simple, natural ways to repair it. Within a few months of making lifestyle changes designed to restore her mental sharpness, Julie noticed a difference.  

“I could actually feel my brain healing,” she said. 

As more time passed, it was clear she had made a turnaround. Her memory tests went from the bottom 30% for her age to the top 10%.  

Today, she no longer has scary memory lapses. “My cognition is very much improved now,” she said.  

In this month’s issue, we’ll give you six science-backed methods to rebuild your brain’s protective barrier. 

And we’ll also tell you about a new test that gauges the chances that you’ll start to suffer from dementia within the next five years. It takes just a few minutes and you’ll get the results instantly.  

You’ll also discover:  

  • A new, non-drug alternative to lower your blood pressure. 
  • A device that brings you fast migraine relief 
  • The supplement that could give you five years of extra life. 
  • Why you shouldn’t fall for the robotic surgery scam 
  • How just 17 minutes of cellphone use a day raises your brain cancer risk by 60%, according to a new study. 

You’ll get all this and much more in your new issue of Independent Healing.  

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