A Shot in the Dark: Why Only 17% of Doctors Say They Will Get the Fast-Tracked Coronavirus Vaccines

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On the very first day Pfizer’s new coronavirus vaccine was rolled out to the public, something unexpected happened. Something that didn’t show up in testing.  

Two people suddenly collapsed after getting the shots. They both had severe life-threatening allergic reactions 

It wasn’t supposed to be this way… 

Clinical trials showed that the first two FDA-approved vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna were not supposed to have any serious side effects.  

Lost amid the hype of the vaccine rollout was an undeniable fact: We actually don’t know if the vaccines are safe.  

Vaccines are usually tested for five to 15 years before they are given to the public. That’s enough time to uncover long-term side effects. The coronavirus vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna—the only ones now available in U.S.—were tested for just two months.  

The FDA approved them with a special fast-track emergency use authorization (EUA) that has a spotty record. 

In this issue of Independent Healing, you’ll learn why only 17% of doctors and 11% of nurses say they will get fast-tracked vaccine. 

You find out how the FDA has used EUAs for medical products that were later found to be ineffective or even harmful 

And we’ll tell you the five crucial questions about the coronavirus vaccines left unanswered by shortened testing. 

You’ll also discover:  

  • A potential safe alternative to the coronavirus vaccine.
  • The #1 riskiest super-spreader hotspot  
  • A pill that stops coronavirus from spreading. 
  • Why 6 feet of separation won’t protect you. 
  • A simple trick to make shots less painful. 

You’ll get all this and much more in your new issue of Independent Healing.  

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