The ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Myth

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There is one indicator that doctors look to more than any other to determine if you’re at risk for a heart attack. 

It’s LDL cholesterol. 

For decades, doctors have told us that the best way to prevent heart disease is to keep this so-called “bad” cholesterol low. That’s why, if you have an LDL reading above 150 mg/dL, chances are your doctor will put you on a statin drug to lower your levels.[1] 

There are two problems with this strategy…

  1. About 75% of patients who have heart attacks have normal levels of LDL.  
  • Study after study shows that statin drugs do little, if anything, to prevent heart attacks. And they carry the risk of life-altering side effects. They can cause diabetes, memory loss, and debilitating muscle pain. They’ve even been linked to shorter lifespans. 

Now, a new study shows that it’s not LDL that threatens your heart, it’s one particular type of LDL.

The research comes from Ohio University. Scientists analyzed the effects of three different subclasses of LDL.[2]

They found that one kind, LDL-B, is damaging to arteries. It contributed to atherosclerosis. That’s the hardening and narrowing of artery walls that leads to heart attacks and strokes.

This means it’s not the overall amount of LDL you have that matters. It’s the amount of LDL-B you have that is important.

Dr. Tadeusz Malinski was one of the study authors. He said the research “can explain why a correlation of ‘bad’ cholesterol with a risk of heart attack is poor and misleading. It’s wrong three-quarters of the time.”[3]

Get Your Actual ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Tested

If your LDL readings are high, ask for a second test that checks your levels of LDL-B. It will give you a more accurate assessment of your risk. It’s called the advanced lipoprotein test or ALT. Some labs call it lipoprotein subfraction testing.

And if your LDL-B levels are high, there are natural ways to lower them without taking dangerous statins.

Follow our proprietary Heart Smart Protocol. It gives you seven ways to prevent and reverse artery blockages without surgery or medications.

You’ll discover why heart attack survival rates go up when top cardiologists leave town… And we’ll tell you about the Big Pharma scam that makes statins look like miracle drugs when they are actually ineffective and even harmful for the vast majority who take them.

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