Cutting Calories Is Bad for Your Bones

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If you are overweight, chances are your doctor will tell you to do one thing: Cut calories. 

Don’t do it. 

For one thing, it doesn’t work. 

Your chances of losing weight on a traditional low-calorie diet and keeping it off for five years are just 5%.[1]

And now, new research shows that low-cal diets are not only ineffective, but dangerous.

Researchers at the University of North Carolina looked at fat in the bone marrow of mice.

Bone marrow fat makes bones weaker. The less fat in bones, the healthier they are.

For the new study, the research team examined the effect of a low-calorie diet on bone fat and overall bone health.[2]

They found that a low-cal diet led to weight loss in the short term. But it also increased bone marrow fat and decreased bone density.

Typically, exercise makes bones stronger. But when the animal subjects were on a low-cal diet, exercise actually made their bones weaker.

Dr. Maya Styner was the senior study author. She said that, “from a human perspective,” the findings show that a low-cal diet “can have negative effects on bone health, especially paired with exercise.”[3]

A Better Way to Lose Weight

The findings are important because many people start dieting in middle age. This is the same time that osteoporosis begins to become a threat. Cutting calories could accelerate bone weakening.

To lose weight, ignore calories.

Study after study shows that insulin reduction is far more important than how many calories you eat. 

How do you cut insulin? Read our monthly journal Independent Healing to find out. You’ll discover that:

  • Calorie counting was originally devised as a way to gain, not lose, weight.
  • Calorie readings on food labels are wildly inaccurate, undercounting calories by up to 70%
  • A common spice lowers insulin levels and allowed subjects in one study to lose an average of two pounds a month without dieting or increased exercise.

And you’ll get our proprietary Weight-Loss-for-Life Protocol. It tells you how to use the real driving force behind body weight—insulin—to get down to a healthy weight and maintain it without hunger or extreme exercise.

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