CBD Is a Powerful Antibiotic, Study Finds

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Millions of people take CBD supplements for chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety.

Now, a new study shows it may have another important health benefit.

Scientists from Australia’s University of Queensland conducted a series of lab tests to examine CBD’s power as a germ killer. They discovered it is a powerful natural antibiotic.

The scientists found that CBD can destroy some of the most dangerous forms of bacteria. That included so-called “superbugs” that are resistant to antibiotics.

CBD’s potency was comparable to commonly used antibiotics such as daptomycin and vancomycin. But unlike those, CBD did not lose its effectiveness, even after extended treatment.

Dr. Mark Blaskovich led the study. He said the study shows CBD is “a promising new antibiotic.”

Dr. Blaskovich said CBD is “particularly attractive” as a treatment against bacterial infections because it reduces inflammation as it kills germs. And unlike traditional antibiotics, it has few, if any, side effects in most people.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of two compounds derived from marijuana and hemp plants. THC is the other one. It’s the chemical that gets you high. CBD doesn’t have that effect. And unlike marijuana and other products containing THC, patients can use CBD without fear of criminal prosecution.

The new research was presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Microbiology.[1]

How to Find Quality CBD Products

Make sure you choose carefully when buying a CBD supplement.

A 2017 study at University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine found that 70% of CBD products were mislabeled. They either had far less or far more CBD than was listed on the label.[2]

Professor Marcel Bonn-Miller led the study. “There are no standards for producing, testing, or labeling” CBD products, he notes.

Some CBD products have been found to contain unlabeled THC. They can cause you to fail a drug test and they can make you high.

CBD derived from hemp should contain less than 0.3% THC by volume. This is not enough to show up on a drug test or make you high.[3]

Professor Bonn-Miller says there are many quality, accurately labeled CBD products. But you have to know how to identify them.

Make Sure Your CBD has These 4 Things

Whole-plant extracts. CBD products derived from whole-hemp plants instead of parts of the plant contain natural terpenes. These are beneficial antioxidant compounds. Look for the words “full spectrum,” “whole hemp,” or similar wording on the label.

CBD that is not derived from the whole plant may be labeled “CBD isolate.” CBD isolates are generally cheaper to produce than whole-hemp CBD.[4]

Hemp extract: You want to make sure your CBD comes from hemp, not marijuana. Hemp CBD is legal in all states. And it won’t make you high or fail a drug test.

Made in the USA. Heavy metals and other contaminants have been found in some hemp grown in China or Eastern Europe.[5]  

Organic products. They won’t contain pesticide residues or other potentially harmful agri-chemicals.

Most importantly, you should buy CBD from a source that you trust.

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