Are Mushrooms the World’s Best Diet Food?

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Eating mushrooms suppresses your appetite, making it easier for you to lose weight.

That’s the takeaway of a new University of Minnesota study that found mushrooms combat hunger even better than meat.

Researchers gathered 17 women and 15 men. They divided them into two groups. The subjects were randomly assigned to eat two servings of mushrooms or two servings of meat every day. The participants were given either sliced mushrooms or 93% lean ground beef.1

After 10 days, mushroom eaters reported:

  • Less hunger throughout the day
  • Greater fullness after meals
  • Decreased intention of eating within the upcoming three hours

“This study indicates there may be both a nutritional and satiating benefit to either substituting mushrooms for meat in some meals or replacing some of the meat with mushrooms,” said study author Joanne Slavin. She is a professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota. Professor Slavin published her findings in the journal Appetite.2

Eat Mushrooms, Drop 2 Inches From Your Waist

A second study at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health confirmed that mushrooms can make you slimmer.

Researchers had subjects substitute one cup of mushrooms per day for a protein serving. They kept the rest of their diet exactly the same. They had a group of volunteers follow the mushroom regimen. A control group stuck with their normal diet.3

After one year, the group eating the mushrooms lost an average of 7 pounds. And their waistlines shrunk by an average of 2.6 inches. The control group experienced no change in weight or waist circumference.4

Why Mushrooms Are a Great Diet Food

Researchers say that mushrooms help you lose weight in multiple ways:5

  • They are high in fiber. This makes you feel fuller.
  • Compared to other filling foods, they are low in calories. A cup of fresh sliced mushrooms has only about 20 calories.
  • They help regulate blood sugar. This stops hunger spikes.

Mushrooms: A Nutrient Powerhouse

Even beyond weight loss, mushrooms are packed with nutrition benefits. University of Minnesota researchers noted they combine the nutrient attributes of vegetables and meat. You get the best of both worlds.

One serving (3 ounces) of white, raw mushrooms contains 3 grams of protein and is very low in sodium. It is high in B vitamins and potassium.

And mushrooms are the only food in the produce aisle that contain vitamin D. One serving of white mushrooms contains 890 IUs of vitamin D.6

Mushroom Omelet Recipe for Weight Loss

The University of Minnesota study found that when people ate mushrooms as part of a breakfast rather than meat, they felt fuller for hours.

A mushroom omelet is a great protein-packed way to start your day.

Try this healthy and delicious recipe:

2 organic pasture-raised eggs

1 tablespoon water

Ground black pepper to taste

Extra virgin olive oil

2 ounces mushrooms sliced (about ½ cup)

1 tablespoon parsley chopped

Sea salt to taste

  1. Break eggs into a small bowl. Whisk in water and black pepper.
  2. Heat small frying pan to medium-high heat and coat with olive oil.
  3. Add mushrooms. Cook until soft and slightly browned. Remove from pan and set aside.
  4. Turn heat to low. Add a little more oil into pan. Add whisked eggs and cook until underside of omelet is set.
  5. Place cooked mushrooms and chopped parsley evenly over the surface of the omelet. Cover and continue to cook until upper side of omelet is set.
  6. Fold one side of the omelet over to meet other side, enclosing the filling. Sprinkle with sea salt. Serve immediately.

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