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Is This Forgotten Mineral the Key to Better Blood Sugar?

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Nutritionists often remind us to make sure we get essential minerals. They usually mention iron, iodine, potassium, magnesium, and a few others.

But you rarely hear them discuss chromium. They should.

The vast majority of Americans don’t get enough of it. Up to 90% of us are low in this vital nutrient.1 It’s crucial for blood sugar support. And chromium can help you fight the urge to binge on carb-heavy foods.2

It’s so effective, some doctors even recommend it to patients looking for help with their blood sugar.3 Several studies show that chromium is important for insulin sensitivity.4

Chromium: Crucial for Blood Sugar Control

If you want an easy way to tame your blood sugar and keep it within a healthy range, research shows chromium may be your best bet.

A comprehensive review at Louisiana State University found chromium improves both glucose and insulin metabolism.5

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As you get older, your chromium levels naturally decrease. People who eat a lot of sugary foods are also at greater risk for low chromium.6 So getting enough is important… But you need to make sure you get it in the right form.

An Ohio State University study showed that chromium picolate is better absorbed than other types of chromium.7 That’s why our research team knew we had to include this exact form in our GlucoGold supplement. But they didn’t stop there…

Our research team developed GlucoGold to include the four most critical natural ingredients for blood sugar control. Like the fiber that leaves you feeling full and satisfied after every meal… And the powerful Indian herb that destroys sugar cravings.

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