A Healthy Brain Needs a Healthy Heart

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New research shows that heart and brain health are one and the same. If one starts to decline, the other becomes vulnerable. Scientists in the Netherlands recently studied 2,400 adults with no history of heart or brain disease.1

Participants underwent brain scans to look at markers of early brain disease. These included lesions on the brain’s white matter and any loss of total brain volume.

They also received blood tests to measure their levels of NT-proBNP. It’s a protein doctors use to detect and diagnose heart failure. It leaks into your bloodstream when your myocardial wall is under stress. It’s one of the first measurable signs of heart danger.

The MRIs revealed that participants with higher levels of NT-proBNP in their heart were more likely to have indications of compromised brain health. This is the first study to show this association.

The takeaway? Heart and brain health are inextricably linked. Even in people who don’t show signs of disease.

There are simple measures you can take to boost both…

One way is to eat more avocados. They’re a rich source of healthy fats that keep your brain sharp. These fats also protect your heart against inflammation and oxidative stress.

Another is to do regular cardio exercise. You already know it’s good for your heart. But it also pushes more blood through your brain. This provides cognitive nourishment in the form of oxygen and glucose. 2

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