Anti-inflammatories and pain relievers won’t fix your knee pain. Plus they come with major side effects. Here are five natural alternatives for saving your knees.

Five Ways to Beat Knee Pain Naturally

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There are a few things that could cause knee pain… Torn ligaments, osteoarthritis, and bursitis to name a few. Most doctors will be quick to prescribe an anti-inflammatory drug to ease your pain. Or they might convince you to settle for OTC painkillers. Problem is, they’re not real solutions. And long-term use can be dangerous. You can do better.

Here are five natural ways to help relieve knee pain.

1. Try Tai Chi: A study at Tufts University found this centuries-old Chinese practice worked better than any standard stretching exercises for severe knee osteoarthritis. Subjects did tai chi twice a week. Each session was just an hour long.

Researchers found their physical functioning and pain improved by threefold in only three months.1 Patients were able to walk 50 yards further without discomfort. That’s half a football field. As a bonus, they also saw improvements in mood and independence.

2. Add Cat’s Claw: This traditional folk medicine gets its name from its hook-like appearance. This vine grows in South and Central America.2 And research shows it’s a potent anti-inflammatory. It helps reduce tumor necrosis factor… A substance that causes inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis.3

One study found it to reduce joint inflammation and pain by over 50%.4 Another study saw improvement in osteoarthritis pain after just one week.5

3. Use Ginger Extract: We’ve told you about this spice before… It can help reduce pain by 25%. That’s because it contains gingerol. This chemical fights cytokines that cause inflammation.6

A study at The University of Denmark found daily use of ginger extract relieves arthritic pain in about three months.7 Another study found using it made standing more tolerable… Taking the extract helped participants reduce their knee pain by 13% compared to a placebo. They could also walk twice as long. 8

4. Get More Magnesium: You know that being deficient in this mineral can cause bone loss…and joint pain. Not getting enough may lead to an increase in cytokines. And studies show it has a direct anti-inflammatory effect.

Researchers studied the effects of magnesium sulfate on osteoarthritis and joint pain in rats. The rats in the magnesium group had less inflammation after two months than the control group. It even helped reduce cartilage degeneration. And it led to fewer signs of joint pain.9

5. Find Willow Bark Extract: Experts suggest its pain relief benefits come from salicin, a compound found in the extract.10 One study looked at subjects with knee or hip osteoarthritis. Researchers found those taking 240 mg of salicin from willow bark eased their pain by 14%.11

Willow bark extract also had an impact on rheumatoid arthritis. Another study also gave subjects 240 mg of salicin. After six weeks, people taking the willow bark extract saw an 11% drop in knee pain.12

Your knees take abuse every day. They rarely get a break. That’s why joint damage in your knees may seem inevitable as you age. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with the pain…

Try any of these solutions instead of OTC painkillers and see which one works best for you. See if there are Tai Chi classes available in your area. You can find these extracts—along with magnesium sulfate—in supplement form at your local health food store. They’re also widely available online.

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