Doctors think it’s an easy solution for a healthy heart. But taking this drug every day could make having a stroke even more dangerous…and twice as severe.

Regular Use of Household Drug Doubles Stroke Severity

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About 20% of Americans take aspirin every day.1 More than half of them are using it to prevent a heart attack. But we’ll never understand why. The research proving this drug is dangerous just keeps piling up…

Researchers in South Korea looked at 300 stroke victims. They were all taking a daily aspirin before their stroke. But not all of them responded to the drug the same way. Researchers found 28% were resistant to it.2 In other words, aspirin had no effect on them. Doctors can’t figure out why…but we think it’s obvious: They built up a tolerance from relying on it every day.

To lead researcher, Dr. Mi Sun Oh, “Aspirin resistance is an important predictor of severe stroke and large stroke size in patients taking aspirin before having a stroke.”3

That’s bad by itself. But it’s not even the dangerous part…

It even made them more susceptible to a massive stroke. Aspirin-resistant subjects’ strokes were up to twice as severe. But it’s not just that they suffered more intense strokes. They also damaged about twice the amount brain tissue.

The researchers suggest switching up medications… They say to take Plavix one day and aspirin the next. But that may be even worse for your heart than taking just aspirin. It can increase your risk of a second heart attack in less than a week.4

This isn’t the first time we’ve told you about the dangers of aspirin… Taking it to avoid a heart attack can increase your risk of having one by 26%.5 Yet the American Heart Association says, “people at high risk of heart attack should take a daily low-dose of aspirin.”6 We have a better solution for protecting your heart…

Set aside 20 minutes a day, three days a week, for a little exercise. Work your way up to high-intensity interval training (HIIT) every other day for even better results. Eating high-fiber fruits and vegetables is another solution.

Doctors love to tell their patients to take aspirin every day. But it’s not the only drug you have to watch out for…

We list several others in our special report, The Top 10 Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drugs—And Their Safe, Natural Alternatives. It’s an important read for you and your family. Why? Because millions of Americans taking these deadly pills. There’s a good chance someone you love is endangering his or her life. And they may have no clue.

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