You might not care for its smell or flavor… But don’t ignore this vegetable. Research shows it’s just as effective as beta-blockers for taming blood pressure.

This Bulbous Veggie Puts Beta-Blockers to Shame

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There’s a natural way to help keep your blood pressure under control… And avoid a dangerous prescription.

Researchers in Saudi Arabia looked at how this small, white vegetable held up against beta-blockers at lowering blood pressure. They compared subjects taking daily doses of this allium to those taking atenolol.

After six months they found subjects using it lowered their blood pressure by five full points. It was just a few points less than the group on atenolol… But there was one main difference. They didn’t experience any adverse effects.1

Beta-blockers are dangerous. We’ve told you before these drugs damage your eyes. They can raise your risk for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) by over 70%. And there are other side effects to worry about…

Some beta-blockers may cause stomach problems and headaches. Others can steal your sex drive. They might even cause insomnia, shortness of breath, and depression. And if you stop taking one, your risk of heart attack can skyrocket.2

That’s why you should up your intake of this unique vegetable.

It might be the key to protecting your heart just as effectively as a beta-blocker…but without the risks.

We’ve told Health Watch readers before that garlic boosts heart health. Using its oil may help protect you from a heart attack. It may even prevent cardiomyopathy. This is a weakening of the heart muscle as you age. But now research confirms its antihypertensive effects are on par with beta-blockers.

To experience the heart benefits of garlic, your best bet is to eat it raw. The flavor can be overwhelming. Try adding small amounts of it to foods you already enjoy. Throwing some chopped garlic into a salad gives it a nice kick of flavor. But you’re also adding serious antioxidant power to it.

Another option is to try black garlic. It looks like something you would throw in the garbage… But it packs even more antioxidants than regular garlic. It may also help improve blood flow. That’s another factor that may help keep blood pressure under wraps.

You can also find natural garlic supplements in health stores and online. They’re a good choice if you don’t like the real thing. But they don’t have the same potency as eating raw garlic.

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