Don’t let yourself become just another victim of a “turkey hangover.” Follow these easy steps for a healthier, happier, and less inflammatory Thanksgiving.

Quick and Easy Fixes for a Healthier Thanksgiving

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We’re finally at the end of the Independent Healing Sugar Free 30 Challenge. For the last month, our president—Angela Salerno—has avoided added sugars at every turn. And so have our most motivated readers. It’s ending at the perfect time too: Thanksgiving.

It’s a day to spend time with family and loved ones. But let’s face it… You’ll likely be surrounded by less-than-ideal food choices. These sweet temptations might unravel all of your hard work and dedication of the last 30 days.

It may not be easy… But there are ways to help make it a little easier—and help protect your progress. You can enjoy a healthier and more satisfying turkey day by following these quick tips:

Swap out Processed Carbs: You might think eating these “filling” foods will satisfy you faster. But that’s not the case. They raise your blood sugar and inflammation levels.

Eating them may also make you feel foggy…even depressed. And they don’t provide the nutrition your body is looking for. This makes you more likely to overeat…but there’s an easy solution.[i]

Replace carbs from breads, rolls, and pastas with green vegetables. And it doesn’t have to be raw kale. Go for a second helping of green beans or Brussels sprouts instead of mashed potatoes. This will help fight off inflammation—and fill you up faster. Their fiber content may also help you avoid a stroke in the future.

Get Moving: Instead of heading right for the couch, try throwing the ball around with the kids. Even something as simple as a brief walk after your meal will do it. This can help lower your blood sugar levels by 10%. And there’s another way to get even better results…

You know the heart-healthy benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT). But doing a HIIT session in the morning may lower your blood sugar response to Thanksgiving dinner by almost 20%.[ii] Another benefit is that it may help you control your appetite—and resist those sweets. Speaking of dessert…

Go Homemade: Whether or not you’ve gone 30 days without sugar, it’s going to be hard to get away from dessert. But it’s not just the sugar you have to worry about.

Processed sweets are full of preservatives. Many contain artificial dyes that raise your cancer risk. And natural dyes may not be any better… Some pie fillings use the kind that comes from insects.[iii] Not exactly appetizing…

If you’re going to have an after-dinner treat, start with some fresh fruit. This may be enough to satisfy your sweet tooth… Especially if you haven’t been eating added sugars for the last month.

But if you do have a piece of pie, choose the homemade option if there is one. You won’t be getting away from sugar or carbs. It’ll still cause inflammation and blood sugar spikes. But you’ll be avoiding exposure to dangerous dyes and preservatives.

You don’t have to torture yourself this Thanksgiving. But you don’t want to wake up with a “turkey hangover” either. Following these quick and simple tips will help you limit—even avoid—the inflammatory and blood sugar risks that usually come with it.

Have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving!

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