Estrogen therapy may be your doctor’s choice for fighting menopause symptoms…even saving your heart. Too bad it’s a worthless—even deadly—treatment.

This Popular Treatment isn’t Just Worthless… It’s Deadly

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There’s a myth among experts… It’s that too little estrogen could be enough to raise women’s risk of having heart problems.1 To them, it’s no cause to worry. They say this therapy can prevent heart complications as a result of menopause…

But a recent study confirms that’s just not the case.

The popular belief is that estrogen therapy (ET) can help support a healthy heart… It’s why researchers at the University of Colorado wanted to find out—once and for all—if ET really has heart-protective benefits.

They gathered medical data from 727 menopausal women. For four years, these women got an estrogen patch, estrogen pill, or a placebo.

At the end of the study they found that women taking ET lowered their menopausal symptoms by up to 90%. That’s not a surprise. After all, the other women were taking a placebo. They didn’t get any form of treatment. It’s also not a surprise that the women on ET were more likely to develop breast cancer and other devastating side effects.

But most important of all, they found the ET therapy offered absolutely zero heart benefits.2 When it comes to your heart, ET isn’t just worthless. It could be deadly…

This research shatters the “timing hypothesis.” It basically says that the closer to the onset of menopause women take ET, the better protected their hearts will be. But the team knew it was a weak theory.

According to researcher Nanette Santoro, “We were surprised. But we weren’t shocked . . . Not all of the investigators believed we were necessarily going to see [a heart benefit].”3

It’s bad enough that it doesn’t protect heart health like doctors claim it does… But just look at the side effects… increased inflammation and risk of blood clots. But most shocking—or not—of all is that ET can actually make you more likely to have a heart attack or stroke.4

Yet it’s the go-to treatment doctors have used for years to help give menopausal women relief—and peace of mind about their health. Just think of all the women talked into ET by their doctor because they said it could help save their heart.

We’ve told you for years that these treatments are dangerous… And Health Watch readers know there are safer, natural solutions that can help boost estrogen levels—and keep your heart in top shape—without a prescription.

You can start doing both today by getting high-intensity exercise. This alone may help cut menopausal symptoms—like hot flashes and mood swings—in half.5

Natural herbs like black cohosh are another option. It helps ramp up your body’s natural production of estrogen—without being pumped full of fake hormones. And when it comes to keeping a healthy heart—especially as you get older—there’s one solution that puts Big Pharma’s treatments to shame…

Some brave doctors are finally telling the truth about America’s #1 killer…and what really causes—and treats—heart disease.

Like the natural supplement a Mayo Clinic professor prescribes to all his heart patients…and the natural nutrient from fruit that has been shown to lower cholesterol safer than a well-known prescription drug.

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