The World’s Favorite Beverage Shields Your Liver

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We all know that drinking alcoholic beverages increases your risk of dying from cirrhosis of the liver. But new research shows that drinking two cups of another type of brew each day does the exact opposite.

The report comes from the National University of Singapore. A team of researchers there wanted to see how everyday beverages affect liver cirrhosis mortality. They followed 63,275 people between the ages of 45 and 75 for almost 15 years. At the end of the study, they found that one drink offered more protection than any other.

In fact, this common drink decreases your risk for dying from cirrhosis by up to 66 percent.1

The researchers were very impressed by the results to say the least. Now they want to research how this drink can be used in new therapies for cirrhosis patients.2

But even if your liver is healthy and you don’t drink alcohol, you should still indulge in this “controversial” beverage. It is loaded with over 1,000 antioxidant compounds.

Two cups a day of this dark, delicious drink protects your liver from disease. But not just cirrhosis, either.

We’ve told you that drinking coffee can boost your cognitive function. And it only takes five ounces of it to increase your blood circulation by 30 percent. Now you can add liver protection to its already impressive health benefits.

Coffee is a potent weapon against liver cancer and fibrosis. It’s the scarring that can lead to cirrhosis if you aren’t careful. But when caffeine breaks down, it makes paraxanthine. This compound slows the growth and spread of tissue found in liver fibrosis, cirrhosis, and even cancer.3 Drinking coffee also helps lower levels of enzymes associated with liver inflammation.4 The less inflammation you have, the easier it will be for your liver to do its job. It makes sense. The antioxidants in coffee protect your liver from oxidative damage and disease. One study found that for each cup of coffee you drink in a day, you lower your risk for cirrhosis by 20 percent. This works for up to three cups a day.5 Antioxidants give coffee its anti-cancer properties. They also give your morning cup heart-protective power. So, it doesn’t surprise us that these same antioxidants can help you live longer…especially if you have liver disease.

Most people ignore their livers until there’s something wrong. By that point, it might already be too late. But drinking just a single cup of coffee each day will give your liver the antioxidant support it needs to help stay free of disease.

Our advice? Don’t settle for the cheap stuff. Getting your coffee from clean, quality sources will give you more antioxidant content—and better taste.

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