This Ancient Indian Secret Can Save Your Heart

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Heart disease is complex. There’s no one magic pill that can treat all of its symptoms.

If you want to lower blood pressure, you’ll need one prescription. If you have angina (chest pain), that’s another. Before you know it, you’ve got a cocktail of meds you need a list of to keep straight. (And probably even more prescriptions on top of that to offset the side effects.)

But nature has a better solution. One substance fights heart disease on multiple fronts at the same time…

If you already suffer from heart disease, it can help ease your pain. People who take 200–500 mg of it lower their occurrences of angina by 50 percent or more.1

This natural compound even lowers your risk of dying. If your left ventricle is enlarged, you’re more likely to die from heart disease. 2 But this can actually reduce the size of your heart’s left ventricle by 20 percent in three months.3 And that’s not all…

Arjuna gets its name from the legendary warrior of the Mahabharata. This ancient Indian text says that following him leads the way to everlasting prosperity and mortality. He’s the best archer in history. Each year, India gives awards in his honor to their top athletes.8

This compound lowers your systolic blood pressure by about one point a week. And reduces your harmful LDL cholesterol levels by an average of 25 percent in 60 days.4

On top of that, it helps your heart use oxygen more efficiently.5 This prevents your heart’s demand for oxygen from being greater than your body’s supply.

Do you have any idea how many meds you’d need to take to cover all these bases? Meanwhile, Arjuna (AR-jen-ah) does it all.

Arjuna (AR-jen-ah) comes from the bark of a tree found throughout Central and South India. Ayurvedic healers have used it for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Everything from bone fractures to irregular menstruation. .6

It doesn’t cause dangerous side effects. In fact, it doesn’t even cause unpleasant side ones. It has no interactions with prescription drugs. Not only that, but if you’re already on heart medication, Arjuna may help it work more efficiently.7

Arjuna is easy to find as a supplement in health stores and online. You can buy it as a pill, powder, or liquid extract. It’s also a common ingredient in top natural heart support formulas.

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