It may not look appetizing, but this blue-green alga comes with major health benefits. Adding it to your diet may help prevent and even kill cancer.

This 9th Century Superfood is a Cancer-Killer

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You’ve probably heard of spirulina.

People have been eating it since the 9th century. But what we didn’t know was how powerful it is against cancer.

This alga can stop the growth of human leukemia cells by 50 percent in just 48 hours.1

How? By increasing the amount of natural killer (NK) cells in your body. They’re the immune cells that track down and destroy cancer cells. So it boosts the natural cancer defenses your body already has in place.2

This food is high in chlorophyll, which cleanses and oxygenates your blood.3 That gives your immune system the support it needs by stopping the formation of cancer cell colonies.4 The result is that it destroys cancer cells as they’re forming and stops them from taking hold if they do.

Spirulina is also brimming with essential fatty acids, vitamin B12, and a protein called C-phycocyanin. That gives it its deep blue-green color.  But more important, that’s why it has such powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.5

Adding spirulina to your diet is easy. You can find it in supplement form in health food stores and online. Unlike chlorella, you don’t have to worry about finding a digestible form with broken cell walls.

If you’re worried about cancer, add these algae to your diet. It’s a superfood all on its own. Including it in a diet rich in healthful fats and leafy green vegetables will give your immune system the support it needs to keep cancer away. But spirulina isn’t the only answer to staying free of cancer.

Unfortunately, you don’t hear about a lot of them in the mainstream news or at your doctor’s office. Especially when it comes to ways to safely treat cancer after you have it. But during our research, we came across several success stories of one natural treatment.

For example, Carol R., a retired schoolteacher. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Mainstream treatments scared her. So she went to a specialized health facility in Wichita, Kansas for this therapy.

Now she says, “Not only is the cancer gone from the inside, everything has improved…head to toe…skin, nails, hair, teeth, eyes…everything. I feel stronger than I did 20 years ago—which is amazing because I thought I was healthy then!”

For details on Carol’s treatment and others who’ve tried it, go HERE.

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  1. I recommend spirulina and chlorella to a lot of people. Aphaphanozomina flos aquae is another blue green algae that is good for much of the same purposes. But the spirulina and chlorella are full proteins (all the amino acids) in and of themselves. For people with cancer, most types of cancer, it is better to not eat meat, of any kind. No matter how you cut it, meat is inflammatory and acidic. The blue green algaes are simple to use, and in given quantities can supply all the protein needs for an adult, while some combining of other vegetables may be done to augment them. And they do so without being inflammatory, while they increase alkalinity. They also help the body to detoxify. These should be a part of everyone’s diet. They are expensive to buy though, and they should be bought from non-polluted sources.

    1. I used to get blue-green algae in tablets or capsules from a company called Cell Tech,started by Daryl Kollman, who researched the algae’s benefits and who had a truly holistic approach. Unfortunately life happened, Daryl was out and since then the company has changed hands and name. I’d be interested to know if you have a reputable source of the algae.

  2. Were can I buy SPIRULINA & CHLORELLA in a pill in Western Australia

  3. Were can I buy spirulina & chlorella in a pill in W A

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