Taking this herb can help with osteoarthritis.

This Indian Herb Improves Osteoarthritis in One Month

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Osteoarthritis is the “wear -and-tear” type of arthritis. It happens when the cartilage between your joints wears away. This causes your bones to grate against each other.

If you have it, you know it’s just as painful as it sounds. Probably even more. But pain is just the tip of the iceberg. It also makes it hard to get around. You lose flexibility. Just getting dressed can be a challenge.

Like most everything else, mainstream medicine has no cure. Without even thinking, doctors will hand you a prescription for NSAIDs or narcotics and push you out the door.

But as we all know, those drugs do more harm than good.

So why don’t you hear more about natural alternative? Fact is, you can reduce inflammation and you can get lasting relief in a matter of weeks with this little-known solution.

This herb with a funny name has been used in India for centuries to get rid of arthritis pain and swelling.

Its name is guggul (pronounced like “Google”).

Guggul comes from a sticky gum-like resin. It’s especially helpful for arthritis of the knee. In one study at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, people who took 500 mg of guggul had a significantly less pain after just one month. They continued improving two months later.1

This ancient herb contains several bioactive components that fight inflammation. Two highly effective compounds are gugglesterone and myrrhanol A.

People with arthritis usually have high levels of a certain inflammatory protein. Gugglesterone neutralizes this protein and decreases your levels of inflammation.2 That ability is what makes guggul unique.

Guggul’s other compound, myrrhanol A, fights arthritis pain by blocking pro-inflammatory COX enzymes. It also stimulates your immune system’s white blood cells.3

If you use guggul as a natural arthritis treatment, take it with food so it won’t cause stomach upset. Participants in the Southern California University Study used 500 mg. three times a day with meals.

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