The “King of Herbs” Improves Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

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Despite what you may think, it’s not just about being tired all the time. In fact, exhaustion is only one symptom of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). And getting a good night’s sleep or taking a nap doesn’t help.

CFS also makes it hard to concentrate on what you just read or remember how to add simple numbers. It can get so bad that just maintaining a “normal” life and relationships can be difficult.

Yet the condition remains a mystery. Doctors aren’t sure what causes it or how to fix it. The usual treatment is a combination of harsh drugs. But as usual, they don’t provide much relief. And the severe side effects—like kidney damage, stroke, and worsening depression—are hardly worth the risk.1

Your best bet? An ancient Chinese herb—one you might already know about—that research shows improves many of the symptoms.

It’s called the “King of Herbs” because it benefits so many systems in the body. It mainly works by increasing blood flow. That extra blood flow feeds the brain and improves mental capabilities.2

This 2,000 year old antioxidant gives you more energy and helps you think clearly…

Panax ginseng has been a staple in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Now, this extract is practically mainstream here in the U.S. with over 6 million people regularly taking it.3

Ginseng is a potent antioxidant that can improve mood, memory, and mental functioning in CFS patients.4 This is a huge discovery for a condition with almost no real treatments.

Study participants with chronic fatigue took 400 mg of Panax ginseng once a day for eight days. The result? These people felt calmer and were better at mental arithmetic. And the effects were practically immediate.5

Another study had even better results. The group experienced better overall mood and improvement in mental performance. They also had more energy. The study showed that ginseng can help with multiple symptoms, including fatigue which can be the most pervasive problem for CFS patients.6

But here’s the key… You need to take the right kind of ginseng. Make sure it’s panax ginseng.  The Chinese extract works better than American ginseng.

With a syndrome that causes so many symptoms, finding effective relief for even one of them may seem like a miracle. Panax ginseng safely reduces many CFS symptoms including pain, fatigue, and mental decline.

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  1. You stated it is unknown what causes the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The Epstein Bar Virus causes the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I went to an MD that was specialized in this medical disorder. I tested positive for it many years ago. I beat it with intense daily exercise, yoga, juicing organic vegetables and fruits, and elimination of fasrt food and processed food. I believe the big thing was the daily intense exercise. Good day.

    1. I was diagnosed with CFS and have good and bad days. I’m glad that you managed to get over your symptons. Am curious though. How did you manage intense exercise when your body must have felt too exhausted for anything? I bought a treadmill which I use as much as I can to build my energy levels back up but there’s no way I could do anything intense! Well done.

      Mrs. Hall

      1. You were fortunate to even have been diagnosed with CFS. How was that managed by a professional since all I read is there is no way to diagnose this. I know myself that I have it but no one has a diagnostic test. I agree that there is no way intense exercise can be done. I can barely manage a few minutes of walking in the house when I have 65% energy. I have an appt. with a group of doctors who say they treat CFS & Fibro. I am hopeful but skeptical.

    2. I’m afraid Steven Martindale is clueless. Firstly chronique fatigue is not an illness, its normally a bodily response to a compromised immune system which has a myriad of causes. The term was created in the USA to enable a psychological indentifyer rather than an organic/clinical one. Thus not having to pay out on insurance claims. M.E however is an organic identifyable illness caused by an entero virus. Classified in 1969 by WHO. In the uk the NHS/nice still use the term CFS and have not yet dealt with m.e. Instead they do nothing but harm sufferers. The head of the m.e service (which is a contradiction in terms) has been in the past a psychologist. Who has no understanding of the clinical issues.(see Dr Byron Hyde) or the hummingbird foundation. The NHS in 2010 stopped people defined with CFS.m.e (as they still use the wrong terminology) from giving blood. Ask yourself if the desease is mental, what would be the point. Recent studies in other countries have identified a cancer drug to eliminate the illness. Under no circumstances is a sufferer able to do any form of exercise without damaging and further exhausting the body. I went from running daily 6 to 13 miles to being unable to sit up. What Steven had was a general malaise or general fatigue. Because the terms are inter linked quite wrongly it leads to much confusion.

      1. I totally agree. Well said.

      2. I totally agree,I have only been diagnosed with cfs for just over a year now,and it wasnt until just after xmas this year that I decided to stop taking all medication that my Dr had given me as they were making me feel suicidal and I thought enough is enough,so now trying more natural things.Up to now I have seen a great improvement but still have good and bad days,but at least I do have good days.Before any one says that I must be a week minded person to feel suicidal before becoming ill I worked 65-70 Hrs every week being an HGV driver and it was going from being able to work like this then going to not being able to do anything and look after your family that got me down and as the song goes THE DRUGS DONT WORK

  2. I have been curious for a long time, about the plant/weed we here in SEAlaska call ‘Devils Club’ it is a long branched growth with a root which looks a lot like ginseng, all knarly and crooked from growing around in rocky soil. The branches are spiny and so are the big leaves.
    The local natives say that if you drink a tea made with the skin of the branches, one will gain a vitaly not seen since one was a teenager, and that is the other thing that makes me think they are related. Can someone at this site please enlighten me.
    Thank You, Rudy

    1. Hello Rudy. Devil’s Club is related to American ginseng. We recommend Panax ginseng over the American version because Panax has more gensinosides.


  4. Wow, I didn’t realize my increased difficulty with mental tasks was caused by the chronic fatigue. I knew my ADD medication didn’t seem to be enough, and that I feel like I don’t think as fast as I used to, and I’m only 30! That explains a lot. I will have to give Panax Ginseng a try!

  5. don’t know yet. first have to try out.

  6. I know panax ginseng is good but my body cannot accept it. After consumed my body was heaty likes sore throat, no appetite and etc.

    1. thank you for your info on side effects

  7. Helloooo INH. Can you pls give REPLIES/COMMENTS to questions/comments raised???

  8. Hi,

    If CFS is related to a compromised immune system, what about taking supplements that specifically help the immune system, like Catsclaw?


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