New Fast Food Dangers

The Numbers Don’t Lie… Fast Food is Worse Than We Thought!

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We’ve talked about processed meats before. In fact, one of our articles on it recently went viral. But many people misunderstood… They thought we were against ALL meat.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Our article warned about the dangers of processed meats. You know—the kind full of cancer-causing nitrites.1

But because processed factory meat is cheap and convenient, most people just continue to eat it. Especially fast food processed beef.

The fast food industry isn’t a stranger to shady practices. Even after the “pink slime” outcry, many still use ammonium hydroxide to “wash” the beef in their products.2 Before this wash, the meat is basically unfit for human consumption. After the wash? Still unfit for human consumption. But “passable,” according to FDA standards.

If that’s not bad enough…a new study reveals a horrible truth about fast food that is so shocking you may not believe it at first…

The study published in the Annals of Diagnostic Pathology shows that fast food burgers contain as little as 2 percent meat. That means that as much as 98 percent of your burger may not even be FOOD!

Even worse…the highest amount of meat in any burger tested was only 14.8 percent. So—at best—the highest quality burger is 85 percent “other stuff.”3

What exactly is the “other stuff” lurking in these burgers?

The study shows that it’s bone, water, cartilage, and plant materials (whatever that means). The researchers were even surprised by these ingredients.4

Even if you use the best data from the study, the “ideal” burger still falls short. Way short. The lowest water by weight percentage was 38 percent. Even if combined with a 15 percent “meat” burger, you’re still left with a burger that’s 47 percent “unknown.”

People that hit the drive thru shouldn’t expect choice meat. But even the 2 percent of actual beef present in fast food burgers is the lowest grade meat possible. It’s full of all parts of the cow plus a nice serving of parasites on the side.

That’s right… These “beef” burgers can contain Sarcocystis parasites. If you find yourself playing host to one these critters you can expect a nasty bout of fever, intestinal pain, inflammation, and diarrhea.51

Unfortunately, when it comes to fast food, there’s just no winning for the consumer. While the food may be cheap, it’s only because it’s barely even food that you’re eating.

The next time you’re considering a quick and easy “value meal,” know that you’re going to pay 100 percent money for only 2 percent mostly inedible food.

Eat real food! It costs a little more in the short term but the “value” you get is actual nourishment, reduced healthcare costs, and a leaner waistline.

Unfortunately, processed meat is just one of many food hazards hiding in plain sight. These are foods and drinks people consume every day. You never would think they contain the chemicals they do. Go HERE now to discover the truth about the stuff you and your family might eat today…and we’ll also tell you how big industry works with the FDA to keep these dangers off your radar.

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