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It’s not Labor Day quite yet…

That means we’ve got a few more weeks of barbecues, long days at the beach, and—of course—sunshine.

You know by now how important sunshine is for your health. And you’ve probably heard how dangerous sunscreen is for you. In fact, in the irony of all ironies, the incidence of skin cancer has skyrocketed as people use more and more sunscreen. Hmm…coincidence?

But none of that changes the fact that while some sun is good for you, you still need to protect yourself—especially this time of year.

And that’s where this “super supplement” comes in. We write about it all the time. The benefits are that amazing. It lowers your risk of breast cancer, it keeps testosterone levels up, it even adds years to your life. Now we have yet another reason to love it.

A recent study shows it could help protect against skin cancer.

So if you haven’t added this supplement to your daily regimen, we highly recommend you do. And soon. What is it?

Omega-3 fish oil.1

You see, too much sun can actually suppress your immune system. That makes it harder for your body to fight off skin cancer. But the study found that for people exposed to eight or 15 minutes of sun each day, immunosuppression decreased 50 percent with omega-3 supplements. They took a four gram dose every day.

According to one of the authors, “This study adds to the evidence that omega-3 is a potential nutrient to protect against skin cancer. Although the changes we found when someone took the oil were small, they suggest that a continuous low level of chemoprevention from taking omega-3 could reduce the risk of skin cancer over an individual’s lifetime.”2

Translation:  Don’t think you can pop a fish oil pill and sit in the sun all day. But if you take an omega-3 supplement every day (like you should be anyway), the cumulative effect could help keep you skin cancer free.

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