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Your Glass and Toast to a Healthy Heart

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Make room, wine lovers. There’s another alcoholic beverage that helps keep your heart healthy.

This unlikely drink is definitely not the first thing you think of to ward off heart attacks. Wine usually gets the heart-healthy accolades—and it should. But this other age-old drink has health benefits of its own. And they’re not minor effects.

In a study published in the journal Nutrition, researchers at Harokopio University in Athens found this drink improves blood flow and heart function in just two hours.1

Non-smoking men who drank 400 mL—a little less than a pint—of this drink reduced their aortic stiffness. Their arteries became more flexible.

In fact, this drink improves blood-vessel function more than 50 percent…

No longer taking a backseat to wine, beer has several heart-helping flavonoid compounds. In just two hours, it relaxes your arteries and reduces inflammation.2

Beer reduces cholesterol and increases antioxidants. It changes your blood chemistry to reduce your heart attack risk.3

It also reduces levels of fibrinogen, a clot-producing protein. Beer makes the clotting protein less active and improves blood flow.

Keep your consumption to one or two drinks a day to reap the benefits without the risks. Drinking more than that negates the health benefits and will actually damage your heart.

While wine enjoys the heart-healthy spotlight, beer drinkers can rejoice too. Beer is lower in alcohol content but has just as many nutritional benefits of wine. All types of beer produce positive results. So raise a pint and toast to your health.

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