Chemical in Soft Drinks

This New Chemical in Soft Drinks is More Toxic Than Sugar…It’s a Killer

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For the last 20 years, soda has been the leading beverage of choice in the U.S. It’s just lately fallen to second place—behind water.1 Finally!

But we bet if more people knew just how dangerous it is, there’s no way they’d still drink it.

If you don’t drink soda, you’re in a small minority. And you’re usually healthier than the average person. The majority of Americans consume 44 gallons of soda a year. That’s almost a gallon a week!

Studies firmly link soda to many potentially deadly conditions. To name a few: obesity, diabetes, and depression.2

Health advocates, the Mayor of New York City, and even the state of California (whether or not you agree with their methods) are fighting to raise awareness of just how unhealthy and dangerous soft drinks are.

You probably already know how a drink full of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial chemicals hurts your health.

But there’s something else in some of those fizzy drinks that’s scarier. By far.

Like the fizz? Sparkling water is a great alternative to soda. You still get the bubbles minus the chemicals, sugar, and calories. Try adding lemon, mint, or apple slices in it to give it a little flavor. If you turn to soda for the caffeine punch opt for coffee. It has an array of health benefits and you’ll get the caffeinated boost.

Colas contain a carcinogen known to cause cancer. It’s hidden in the caramel coloring. It goes by the name 4-methylimidazole (4-Mel).3

4-Mel is a chemical that forms during the cooking process.4 As a result, trace amounts of it are in many foods. Not just soft drinks.

California is the only state to make headway in the fight against the poison. In March, the state forced Pepsi Co Inc. and Coca-Cola Co. to change their formulas to decrease the level of coloring. This helped the soda companies avoid having to put a cancer warning label on their products.

To follow up, the watchdog group Center for Environmental Health tested Coke and Pepsi products for the carcinogen. They tested products from California and from across the country.

Their findings showed that in California the sodas were free of the toxic chemical.

But here’s the kicker… If you’re in any other state besides California and you drink Pepsi, the chemical is still there.

However, Coke in the other states had little or none of the chemical. Pepsi’s levels of 4-Mel are four to eight times higher than California deems safe.

“Pepsi’s delay is inexplicable,” said Michael Green, CEH’s executive director.5 “We urge the company to take swift action to provide all Americans with the same safer product they’re selling in California.”

Pepsi says they’re working on it and hope to finish in 2014.

We wouldn’t call any soda “safer.” It doesn’t matter what state you’re in or how much you drink. Soda is poison to your system even without the cancer-causing carcinogen.

Pepsi has defended themselves by saying the FDA and other regulatory agencies around the world consider their drink safe.

But as we know… the FDA considers a lot of things safe that are known to cause harm.

In fact, the FDA said last year that someone would have to drink over a thousand cans of soda a day to reach the toxic level. Looks like to us they’re justifying the consumption of a chemical they know causes cancer.

Pepsi containing 4-Mel should be just one more reason for you to pass on it. In fact, pass on any soft drink. It’s not worth your health or your life to drink something that’s so poisonous even without the carcinogen in its caramel color. California isn’t any better off if they’re still drinking soda.

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  1. Notwithstanding that Pepsi tastes horrid! Make it taste like crap and that will cut down the number of people who drink it.

  2. The acid (very low pH as 3 or 3.5 – not far above battery acid) from phosphoric and citric sources (carbonation) is the worst part of sodas even without 4-Mel or high fructose corn syrup or sucralose is seriously damaging to the body. With a 20:1 ratio, your body must consume 20 similarly-sized bottles of water at a pH of 9 JUST to neutralize the ONE soda. An acidic lifestyle is causing every disease known to man, or as Dr. Young states, “There is no disease.” You need to live a completely alkaline lifestyle. Go to to understand how to live healthy and “cancer free.”

  3. While doing ambulatory care in east Tennessee, we picked up 4 children who were spilling protein in the urine, ranging from 2+ to 4+ proteinuria. Urine from a healthy kidney is negative. Talking with their
    mothers revealed that they seldom drank anything except carbonated beverages. Microscopic examination of all 4 urines revealed nothing new
    except for aspirin crystals in the l0 year old’s urine (oldest of the four children). Cultures and sensitivities of all 4 urines were all negative.

    We asked the mothers to continue feeding their kids as usual, but to let them drink only milk, water and fruit juice for 1 week and being them back to the clinic for a repeat urinalysis. One week later the 10 year old had dropped from 4+ to a trace of protein. The other 3 children were
    all a desired negative for proteinuria.

    Several months ago I read an article on-line which probably explains why
    they cause proteinuria. It said that most all carbonated beverages contain sodium benzoate, a preservative which is probably safe by itself.
    However when combined with vitamin C (citric acid, sodium ascorbate, etc), a chemical reaction occurs which converts the sodium benzoate back into benzene. Google harmful effects of benzene and you will find many, but one of the most outstanding is CANCER of the KIDNEYS.

    Checking ingredients in drinks in the groceries, I have even found this
    combination in some fruit juices. You will also find this same combination in many processed foods like microwave dinners, pizzas, etc.

    Learn to read ingredients before you buy. The FDA has already shown us they are not going to protect us. You are your first line of defense for the health care of yourself and all your loved ones. Google names monosodium glutamate is hidden under and know that aspartame is the other major excitotoxin that all our processed foods are laden with. Write the supplier of those foods containing toxins and tell them why you are not buying their products anymore. We might get a few of them to remove the excitotoxins and toxic combinations.

    1. I am convinced through my own medical research that soft drinks and especially diet soft drinks contain aspartame, other excitotoxins, and this new chemical called 4-melthizadole (4-m) has been the culprit behind a rash of “brain cancers” in our nation. This would be inclusive of the increase of “brain tumors” among our young children, especially those below the age of 5 years. PJW

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