This Spice Soothes Your Stomach… and Could Prevent Cancer

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Many people love Chinese food. Others crave Indian, Korean, or Jamaican dishes.  And usually it’s because of one particular spice they all share…

In many parts of the world, it has been known for centuries for a different reason.  And that’s the one we’re interested in today…

You see, this spice has great healing powers.

Traditional doctors in Asia, Africa, India, and South America have known it helps ease stomach problems and much more.

Modern-day scientists are finally catching on. They have tested this plant root in the laboratory.  And once again, traditional doctors were right all along…

A previous study showed that it effectively fights colorectal cancer,1 the second leading cause of cancer death in America.2 The authors noted that this spice “…seem(s) to be promising for cancer prevention; however, further clinical studies are warranted to assess the efficacy and safety…”

And further clinical studies are exactly what we now have…

Because another group of researchers have confirmed it’s a powerful weapon against prostate cancer.  A cancer that you’re all but guaranteed to get if you’re a man who lives long enough.

The researchers from Georgia State University undertook the first study of its kind.  Rather than assessing one compound from this plant root, they tested the whole thing to see how it affects cancer growth.3 And the results were very encouraging.

So what was it?

A whole ginger root.

Ginger Fights Cancer

Scientists implanted human prostate cancer in mice.  The experiment lasted only eight weeks.  But during that time, the whole ginger extract reduced tumors by as much as 56%.  And it was completely safe.

Results indicate you’d need to eat about 3 ½ ounces of the whole root extract every day to see these kinds of benefits.4

The powerful antioxidants in ginger help stop free radicals from damaging genes. They stop cancer before it gets started. And they may even stop cancer cells from growing, researchers say.5

But of course, the wonders of this spice don’t end there…

It also soothes the side effects of cancer treatment.

A study in India involved children and young adults with bone cancer. They were all getting chemotherapy. Could ginger root powder relieve their nausea and vomiting?

Half the children got ginger root powder capsules. Half got a placebo. The control group had significantly more moderate to severe nausea and vomiting, compared to the “ginger group.” The ginger group also had fewer delayed reactions to their treatment.6

Another large study involved women with cancer.  They had surgery, and were taking the cancer treatment drug cisplatin. They started taking ginger capsules when they started the drug, and took it for five days. Ginger eased their nausea.7

In a different study, women took three ginger capsules daily for three days before starting chemotherapy. They took capsules for three days during treatment, too. The ginger really helped their nausea.  Each capsule had 250 mg of ginger.8

Around the world, doctors prescribe ginger to treat the common cold, fever, sore throats, vomiting, motion sickness, arthritis, sprains, cramps, high blood pressure, and fever.

There are many ways to add ginger to your diet. You can buy raw ginger at a grocery store and make it into a tea. It’s also available as a supplement. It comes in extract or capsule form… and you can get them online or at a health food store.

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  1. New to your subscription, love the information, really great! Yet, I find it too long winding to get to the core of the information. I have so much to read and not enough time. Can you make a condensed version of what you want to get across? Maybe a summary at the end of an article? Also, I dislike talking messages, I can read so much quicker and get to the essentials. Could you please make a condensed printed message for each talk message? I also would appreciate if the products you recommend had a color or label: vegan (green like plants, VG), vegetarian (yellow like honey, VT), carnivorous (red like meat, CR) or such. I want to do the next step in the healing field by not killing or exploiting animals (cows, fish, bees etc.), although still eating plants. Thanks; the consideration of these requests would be appreciated. Otherwise: great service to humankind! B. L.

    1. Totally agree, BL!
      The requests should be looked into, INH. I, WILL definitly appreciate. (…..New subscriber too)

    2. Just wanted to said I agree with BL. I too do not have time to listen, and can manage reading much better.

    3. I am also a new subscriber, I agree, things do tend to go on a too long before getting to the ‘miracle’ cure taked about.
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    4. I fully agree,……..come to the point. if I have time I will read the detail later. thank you . enjoy very much. Hermanus from South Africa

    5. I agree that this needs to be shortened… to much fluff to read through… but thank you for the information… we all need it…

    6. The voice message came in while reading your message on the school e-mail. It started with broken periods of crackling which is annoying.
      I already know most every herb you have mentioned so far. I put curcumin on my breakfast as a spice and ginger works better than antivert to combat dizziness and sea sickness. and have treated my husband by reversing congestive heart failure and emphysema back to normal health without drugs. Using herbs in advanced cases like emphysema can take longer but mainly requires replacing the prescription medicines with herbs. This is because drugs used are self defeating and only counter symptoms temporarily perhaps making the patient worse.

    7. I totally agree with B.L’s piece – quite impossible to listen to audio/visual messages – other web site’s provide up to 3 hour audio’s – totally impossible – one minute is my limit and reading is my only real way to get info, easy to scan and grab what I want. I accidentally stumbled on the stay-on-page alternative to the video and go for this every time now and skip everything else.
      Ken B

    8. OMG. I fully agree with you. My husband has cancer and has had his last treatment. Don’t know if it’s going to go away this time. I too don;t have time to read through all that. I need the nitty gritty.

  2. Amazing Medical solutions all comming from plants.
    NO life on earth can exist without plants.
    All life on earth is indebted for survival and well being on plants and plants.
    God never put teachers doctors lawyers and academics when he created the universe.
    God gave man wisdom which is constantly being abused. Now everything depends on money and money alone.
    Where do animals get money to buy their food?
    Every human must plant 1f trees for contuinal survival of all life on earth.

  3. It has sickened me to the core that all the ancient tribes and people’s who had great knowledge of herbs and plants as medicines were murdered en masse. For centuries they were branded as ‘evil’ , called witches and sorcerers, hunted down and slaughtered. Even those who followed Jesus Christ in small communities were destroyed by ‘that whore of a church’. Millions of souls living in harmony with the planet have been lost. Sometimes it mires me down with sorrow. An elderly cousin told me I had a gggggrandma with hair like a ravens wing who had great knowledge of herbs and roots. What a shame that legacy is lost to my family. Fortunately my eldest has studied the subject and we both enjoy trying to be more in tune. Hopefully we won’t get burnt! Love and blessings to all who are working to preserve our planet.

    1. I so agree with Shirley……about the church….. Herbs and spices are life savers!

      1. Are you referring to the Catholic church. If so, your perceptions have been grossly influenced by enemies of you souls.

        1. I agree with Jeff. What you need to do, Shirley and Saria, is to properly research history. Why not check with a legitimate Catholic source such as EWTN or Word on Fire or Catholic Answers. They have the TRUTH as Jesus Christ gave it to us in love.

  4. Totally agree with BL…am a new member too and would really appreciate that instead of reorded info we could read it and get to the gist much more quickly.

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  8. I agree with all of the above comments. I love the information you are providing, and desire to continue learning about all the natural healing treatments, but you really do need to get to the point!

  9. Totally agree with BL. I just became a new member and am disappointed with the way things are presented. It seems like a big come on to spend more money without getting the information we were led to believe we would be getting. There are useful tips but you have to wade through way too much junk to get to the bottom line.

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      1. thank you for the info. Your instructions say close out video….then just wait till you see the written instructions version?


    I love the information you are providing, and desire to continue learning about all the natural healing treatments, but you really do need to get to the point!

  12. Agree with BL on recorded messages. I am on limited streaming and cannot afford the time it uses on my satellite program. Also the long winding introductory teasers in your articles about “this herb,” etc. Why not name it – The Power of Ginger – then elaborate more fully? I just joined yesterday and will not be able to stay long if this is the only format you use. I am very appreciative of the information.

    1. Hi Cathy

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    2. I agree with Cathy. Why this “special herb” or “spice”. Write what it is. In this day and age time is so limited and I for one has not got it! Please make everything shorter and more to the point. But thank you for great information.

  13. I’m so glad I read these comments, I’ve been accumulating these newsletters in my email debating on deleting them because I wanted the info but was dreading clicking on them to be stuck listening to the long drawn out recording, now that I know I can cancel the recorded version and read it I can go back to the ones of interest, so glad I didn’t delete them and cancel my subscription.

  14. At first, i thought you were writing about black seed oil!
    Given the properties of both, ones should investigate the synergistic of such a team.

  15. I, too have just joined.. I am a firm believer in natural remedies. I would prefer to have printed books in a set.. that I can get hands on when I want to read about cancer, another for heart, and so on.. I dislike spending time on a computer and having to make myself notes. Like other printed books (not cyber) where a person can go to any subject and read… this would be far too expensive for me to print out.. And, please give us the information on the hospitals for cancer.. we need names of these healers.God bless this lifeline!

  16. I love the information you are providing and am grateful to you for doing so. However I agree with previous comments about the delivery. It is not necessary to do the “teaser” format – I am far more accustomed to seeing this when someone is trying to sell something and I have little patience for it.
    Just give the information simply, bullet points are good, but the need to click to different pages and read . . wait. . . listen . . wait. . . it is not necessary and in fact reduces the power of your message and probably loses many listeners/viewers.
    Thanks again for the information however – this is a very valuable service!!

  17. I agree with all of the above. However, I was sure you are going to mention cumin, which soothes my stomach wonderfully. Synergy, welcome.

  18. Been aware of ginger for decades….been using it off and on for years as in blender making smoothies, etc…it is a wonderful way to help especially with pain or for arthritis …but as a prevention? Diagnosed stage 1 breast cancer just last year at age 72! Kind of leaves one thinking…really?

  19. Barbara’s post of July 8, 2014 at 12:38 pm
    Please research Apricot Kernels on the internet for information related to their impact on shrinking cancerous tumours. There is much research available.

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