The Preventative Measure that May Cost You Your Life

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It’s that time of year. The flyers are everywhere. Doctors are pushing them. Your local pharmacy is offering them at discount. Some companies are even offering them to employees for free.

They think they are doing you a favor. But are they really? Or could their “good” intentions be putting you in danger?

We already told you how this “preventative” measure doesn’t work.1

And now, what’s become a multibillion-dollar industry may be costing you more than just a trip to the clinic and a waste of time.2 It may actually cost you your life. And if not your life, some very serious side effects.

Health officials keep saying they are perfectly safe. But something that is supposed to keep you healthy yet causes the very disease it’s designed to prevent does not sound perfectly safe.

Yes, we are talking about the seasonal flu vaccine. Its lack of effectiveness is not fresh news. We’ve told you all that before. But now we have more confirmation that this “protective” shot is worse than anyone thought.

The British Columbia Centre for Disease Control just released a new double-blind study using ferrets.3 Researchers used ferrets because of their human-like susceptibility to colds and the flu. For the study, Dr. Danuta Skowronski administered the flu vaccine to the ferrets. The results didn’t just show that the vaccine was ineffective. It showed the ferrets that received the vaccine became significantly sicker than the other animals.

You read that correctly.  It didn’t keep the animals healthier, it made them sicker!

There have been numerous other studies on the vaccine and the chemicals in it. They all confirm their life-threatening side effects. But the government still wants to push the vaccine on you.

So what are you really putting in your body if you get a flu shot?

Aluminum, antibiotics, formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and thimerosal, a type of mercury.4 Definitely NOT your common additives.

But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assures you that they only use these chemicals to stabilize the vaccine. And the amounts found in the vaccines are small.

I don’t know about you. But no matter how “small” these doses are, I don’t want these toxins anywhere near my body… let alone injected straight into it!

Let’s break it down…

  • Aluminum – It has been a known neurotoxin for over 100 years.5 And it has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease for the past several decades.6
  • Antibiotics – That doesn’t sound so bad, right? That’s what the doctor gives you when you’re sick. But taking antibiotics can do more harm than good. Antibiotics only kill bacterial infections.7 That’s not going to help you with the cold or flu, which are viral infections. And taking antibiotics when you don’t need them only increases your chances of developing an infection. The body builds up a resistance against antibiotics. That allows the bacteria to grow, causing complications and sometimes death.
  • Formaldehyde – I’m sure you’ve heard of this one. Mortuaries and medical laboratories use formaldehyde as a preservative. It’s not something you’re supposed to be injected with while you’re living. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services openly admits that formaldehyde causes cancer.8
  • MSG – A lot of people complain about headaches and migraines after receiving a flu vaccine. It might just be from that “very small” dose of MSG that’s part of the injection. Doctors and dieticians have warned us about consuming too much MSG in our diets. Chinese food, some canned vegetables and soups, and even processed meats contain MSG. It’s an excitotoxin that causes neurons in the brain to become overstimulated.9 The result is brain lesions and even death.
  • Thimerosal – This is a methyl mercury compound. Mercury is one of the most toxic poisons. It attacks the central nervous system, leaving you permanently disabled or dead.10 It is so toxic that there is a worldwide treaty in the works to ban mercury.

If you go to the additives page on the CDC’s website, they have completely different descriptions for the chemicals. It’s just another attempt by Big Pharma and the government to deceive you.

The federal government invested $400 million of our money to develop the flu vaccine.11 And where did that money go? Straight to Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline, and Lonza. These guys are getting rich while everyday Americans are unknowingly making themselves sick.

If you get a flu shot you may be gambling with your life.

However that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to avoid the flu.

There are safe, natural, and effective ways to stay healthy this season. You’ll want to increase your vitamin D intake and wash your hands. Vitamin D strengthens your immune system.12 And washing your hands stops the transfer of germs and bacteria.

Neither of those preventative measures ends in cancer, damage to the nervous system, and least of all death.

You definitely can’t say the same about the flu shot.

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  1. The article I just read warns (in my opinion properly) about the dangers of the flu vaccine. However – the ads that are displayed on the page warning ABOUT the dangers of the flu vaccine are mostly FOR GETTING the flu vaccine. That doesn’t seem like a reasonable thing to do – post ads that directly contradict the content of the article. Just my $0.02.

    1. Author

      We noticed that and are working on blocking those ads from outside flu vaccine companies. Unfortunately we do not have direct control over which ads show up on articles such as these.



  2. I have learned so much from your article about the flu vaccine shot which I get once a year. I was about to get one this year but I was in doubt about some articles I read previously about the flu shots that I did not understand. Now that I read about the consequences of having flu shot from the article you sent me, I decided not to take it anymore. Thank you so much for sharing us about the information we need to know about this vaccine.

  3. Thank you for the informative posting. I have warned many of my friends about the flu vaccine but didn’t have the details that are on this site. I will forward this on to them. Also, I want to add, for many years I took the advice from my MD’s on taking certain supplements, later I would find out that the supplements weren’t good my my chemistry. Last week my new Naturalpath MD informed me that the D3 I had taken was making me toxic — I needed D65.

  4. Since I work at a hospital my county requires us to get a flu shot or wear a mask from nov1 until April. The face masks are really uncomfortable and hard to breathe and talk in for 8 hrs a day! I reluctantly got the flu shot 10/31 and have had a migraine ever since. None of my doctors will admit that this was caused by the shot! It’s nice to see someone acknowledging the counter points to getting the flu shot. I am a young healthy adult yet I’ve been in a lot of pain for the last two weeks “for the good of myself and patients around me.”

  5. Common preventive measures mentioned (Vit D, hand washing) plus adequate sleep make a lot more sense to me than questionable flu shots that carry a risk profile.

  6. I experienced what Amanda above noted. I got the Flu shot,on 10/30, the second flu shot in my life, and five days later had to go to the Emergency room with an extreme Migraine headache that I have never had before. I have continued to have Migraine headaches every day now for a period of 3 weeks. Yesterday I was finally slightly better, but the unusual headaches seem to be from the Flu shot ,as I didn’t experience them before.

  7. I have a recent neck injury (herniated disks c4-c7) I never get the flu shot – my dr talked me into it – the night of my flu shot I started running a fever 100.7 – the next day I started having severe, crippling migraines that have lasted for over a week (cervogenic migranes) during bad episodes I’m unable to move for an hour or more as it locks me up unable to move. I’m being sent for an MRI and they think I’m having mini focal seizures. After reading this article- I have to question if this is because of the shot

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