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Picture if you will, a garden with two things growing in it: flowers and weeds. If the weeds are kept under control, they really don’t do much damage and the flowers will bloom everywhere. If, however, the garden becomes overgrown with weeds, it’s a whole different story.

Your gut is exactly like that garden, but instead of being populated with flowers and weeds, it’s populated with what’s poetically called “gut flora,” the many organisms which reside in the intestinal tract.

In your gut, the part of the flowers is played by beneficial bacteria called probiotics, while the part of the weeds is played by a nasty little microbe known as Candida albicans —Candida for short.

Candida is actually a fungus, but in “normal” circumstances it lives in peace with the rest of the gut flora and isn’t much cause for concern. Unfortunately, this peaceful coexistence is often disrupted by a number of factors, resulting in an overgrowth of Candida which can wreak havoc everywhere in the body, affecting your immune system, hormone balance and even your thought processes.1

Most common symptoms of Candida overgrowth include bloating, constipation or diarrhea, fatigue, brain fog, mood swings, sugar cravings and, most famously, “yeast infections.”

Anything that can affect the natural ecology of the gut can cause an overgrowth of Candida, but the usual suspects are antibiotics, birth control pills, and most especially, over-consumption of sugar, the favorite food for these little buggers. Antibiotics, for example, can easily alter the delicate balance between “good” and “bad” bacteria in your gut (and for women, in the vagina) by killing off many of the good bacteria that help keep the yeast fungus (Candida) under control.

Without the good bacteria to keep Candida in check, the little buggers multiply like rabbits, ultimately damaging the intestinal lining and destroying cells.

It’s also important to remember that Candida are living organisms, and they produce their own set of toxins. “Greater numbers of Candida produce greater amounts of toxins, which further irritate and break down the intestinal lining,” explains Liz Lipski, PhD, CCN. “This damage allows macromolecules of partially digested food to pass through (the gut wall).”

The immune system takes one look at those partially digested molecules, realizes they don’t belong, treats them as invaders and sends out a bunch of antibodies. “The net result is increased sensitivity to foods and other food substances, and to the environment,” explains Lipsky.

What to do, what to do?

First and foremost, you need to stop feeding them. Since sugar is their number one source of fuel, the typical effective “anti-yeast” diet looks a lot like Atkins (very low carb). That means you avoid sugar, grains, alcoholic beverages, and yeasted breads. Even fruits (dried or fresh) are eliminated during the Candida “kill-off” phase. (You can eat all the grass-fed beef, free range poultry and eggs, vegetables, yogurt, nuts and seeds you want.)

While starving the yeast cells, you want to make sure to nurture the good bacteria that keep them in check. The best way to do this is with probiotics. Lactobacillus probiotics are particularly good at keeping Candida under control,2 but a good broad-spectrum probiotic supplement containing lactobacilli and bifidobacteria is always a good idea.

Remember, probiotics are living organisms, and like Candida, they need their own source of fuel. Probiotics love to dine on FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides). These molecules are also called “prebiotics” and many good probiotic formulas also contain some of these as well.

Many other substances are helpful in killing off Candida. At the top of the list is garlic (“my personal favorite,” says Lipsky), caprylic and lauric acids (both found in coconut oil), oil of oregano, pau d’arco and grapefruit seed extract.

Another terrific weapon in the anti-Candida arsenal is olive leaf extract. Olive leaf contains the active ingredient, oleuropein, which has strong anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Barlean’s Olive Leaf Complex is a particularly recommended brand that comes in a liquid form that’s easy to take and tasty to boot.

Many practitioners recommend a strict “anti-yeast” diet for at least three weeks, and then suggest reintroducing “banned” foods slowly as your gut gets healthier. When Candida are killed, it may produce an antibody response that can result in a temporary worsening of symptoms (the “die-off” effect).

Because of this, “it’s important to begin therapeutics gently with small doses and gradually increase,” says Lipsky. “If your symptoms are still aggravated, cut back (on the yeast killers) and then gradually increase.”

And for women, for whom vaginal yeast infections are a particular concern, consider internal applications of healthy bacteria in addition to oral supplementation. Ann Knight, DC, a holistic chiropractor in Thousand Oaks, California has had much success with this protocol that uses a full-fat plain yogurt. “A broad spectrum probiotics mixed with yogurt and inserted into the vagina can be very effective,” she says.

In some cases more serious weapons like the antifungal med Nyastatin may be called for, but remember, if you’re still feeding the yeast with sugar (and foods that the body treats as sugar) you’re defeating the purpose.

The cornerstone of the best diet for getting rid of yeast is eliminating sugar, which is also, come to think of it, one of the cornerstones of the best diet for overall health.

In fact, fighting candida may be even more critical than experts first thought. Stunning new research now suggests a link between candida and cancer.

In one study, the Journal of Infection found it was present in at least 88% of cancer patients. That’s no coincidence. It might even be more. So it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. You’re at risk no matter what. That’s why it’s so important you go HERE now for urgent details, including the three triggers that make candida spread, the test that shows if you have it, and the three natural treatments to eradicate it for good.

In Good Health,
Angela Salerno
Executive Director, INH Health Watch


  1. Lipsky, E. Digestive Wellness, McGraw-Hill, NY, 1999.
  2. Tannis, A. Probiotic Rescue, Wiley, NY, 2008.



  1. The 1929 Ruby Red patent was associated with real commercial success, which came after the discovery of a red grapefruit growing on a pink variety. Only with the introduction of the Ruby Red did the grapefruit transform into a real agricultural success…

    1. It is nasty, will leave you very ill.

      Use Coconut oil. Use 1 tsp per 3 x a day. You can just add to warm tea, or eat directly.
      Wish I had know about it for years.

  2. ive been taking a probiotic and anti fungi medicine now, my second attempt for stool test said that the candida is at a normal range which is good, however there is still the fungi. And i still feel the same symptoms and in a way they have increased now, i just hope this is the die off part as you stated or else i don know …

    1. My mom had a fungal infection on her lung that was detected shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Long story short, the lung specialist wanted to put my mom on a very aggressive anti-fungal medication. It is so harsh, that the patient needs to have a monthly blood test to check for liver damage from the medication. We did a TON of research and had my mom take oregano oil drops under her tongue everyday for three months. She never did take the medication prescribed. The lung dr. ordered a new CT scan (post 3 months of taking the oregano oil) to evaluate the fungal infection on her lung. Amazingly, the lesion was now only half the size!!! Wow!!! She told the dr. that she never started his medication. He couldn’t comment on the oregano oil so she said she wanted to continue with what she was doing. Within 6 months, a new CT scan confirmed the lesion was gone. My mom had struggled for many years with candida overgrowth!!! Today, she is both cancer and fungal infection free!! Plus, for her, she elected not to do chemo or radiation do to her age and small size of her cancer!! Oregano oil is AMAZING!!! Its kind of hard to get use to the initial burn, but stick with it because it works!!!!

      1. Wow i am amazed by the oregano oil! Any side effects? Did this cure your moms breast cancer as well? How many drops under the tongue? Thanks Karol

  3. Anyone tried extra strength oregano oil to kill the candida for good? I’m thinking of trying it as I’ve read great things on it. Apparently it’s a crucial weapon to consider when on a candida diet or if you have cut out sugar completely.

    Advice appreciated.

  4. The homeopathic remedy Candida Albicans 30c, one a day for a few days, will boost the immune system to kill it off.

  5. This sentence:
    “You can eat all the grass-fed beef, free range poultry and eggs, vegetables, yogurt, nuts and seeds you want.”

    Should actually say:
    “You can eat all the grass-fed beef, free range poultry and eggs, vegetables, yogurt, nuts and seeds you can afford.”

  6. I hadn’t had a yeast infection in over 20 years. Then I started taking a probiotic (one with 10 billion active cultures)just because I had read about them and thought they were suppose to be so good for you. Ever since I began taking them, I started with thrush, then a vaginal yeast infection and now thrush again. Taking that probiotic was the only thing I did differently. Has anyone ever heard of probiotics causing problems with yeast? I thought they were suppose to help.

    1. Martha I started taking strong probiotics as well as I thought they would be good for me and now I have never functioned so poorly. I think i have candida which is so strange that I feel I would get that after probiotics. I had a severe reaction and had to stop them I bloated so badly, i felt toxic, I couldnt even recognise my own stomach and legs it was so strange then I was constipated for too long (which I have never experienced in my life) my skin starts to be even worse. and now Ive gone off the strong probiotics and am back on the generic inner health plus which helped with the constipation HOWEVER my gut is still not the same and sensitive to things like alcohol and sugar etc. I am so enfurtiated that I tried to something right by my body and now I feel i have stuffed it and i dont know what the solution is. Im thinking after ready all of these blogs i need to kill off the candida but im just wondering if I should do anything at all and hope that the body will heal itself as Im at wits end

      1. Try Dr Wong’s Cure. A bit (up to 1 t/ cup) of CREAM OF TARTAR in glass of H2o throughout the day for about 1 yr..

    2. You might try Dr. Ohhira’s probiotics, they have TH-10 which is supposed to kill off the bad bacteria, giving the good ones a chance to thrive.

      Not affiliated or paid by them in any way, just a consumer, btw.

    1. I take mine in an empty veggie cap. Oregano is a hot oil and doesnt taste really good so I choose to do it that way. I will say that it is recommended that you take oregano oil for 10 days and then take 14 off. Also oregano can destroy your good bacteria along with the bad so you have to consider that. It is an amazing thing but you should not take it every day forever. Do some research on it.

  7. The herbal therapy consists of the usage of various herbs such as aloe vera which can either be applied topically or taken internally. Branberry can fight infections and provide relief. Herbs like Calendula, Marshmallow roots, yarrow and goldenseal can be used for making tea or douching. They are known to fight yeast infections.

  8. I found a combination of oregano oil capsules taken twice daily with consensual caps x once daily and acidophilus worked really well for my lung and systemic candida.

    1. This is goldenseal not consensual callers…….thank kindle for changing the spelling

  9. I have candida in all of my fingernail!!!! Am taking Diflucan twice a week, coconut oil capsules 3x a day plus pro bio tics!!! Haven’t cut my nails in 6 months!!!! Have only been taking this concoction for three weeks, but am very discouraged!!!!

    1. For over 2 years I have been at war with fingernail fungus …my GP was happy to prescribe the itraconozole …. not much impact. Then the turbinifine … not much impact either. Btw, so many things impact the liver negatively — I did not personally think much of that as I have taken Milk Thistle capsules for years to aid the liver’s function (had tests during those months and the #’s were very good each time). I didn’t expect this to be too tough, since I have taken several extracts in water, a few times per week, for years (chlorophyll, wheat grass, etc.), take Bragg’s vinegar several times per wk, sip it throughout the day, diluted w/water, and have taken probiotics for year… For several years, I enjoy a big spoonful or 2 of coconut oil (for me, the very best, in flavor & texture, has been Whole Foods’ store brand, ‘365’, in the plastic brown jar; it’s about $12.00/jar [also use over-nite on skin, all over — amazing]. anyway….
      [oh, and I think that I contracted this from soil, due to learning as I research, btw..] What is finally working for me: oil of oregano capsules,
      pau d’arco [academic papers claim lg amounts of it have killed cancer cells], grapefruit seed extract,(i still plan to add garlic oil)….and I soak them in the cornmeal mush [ mix a paste of cornmeal with water and let sit out awhile for the chemistry to take place; then I take the dish
      of it and put my 10 fingers into it for 15 min or so — as often as I can manage. You can find this online — the microbes that the cornmeal creates (harmless to us, I THINK!!)eats fungi. My nails will look very different so I have seen it work…and all this makes for odd and time-consuming habits! It seems we all try a combo of things. Have not tried the nail laser which I may save up to do …there are some reasonable deals for it on Groupon and other ‘deal’ sites periodically. At night I
      rub Vick’s bcz the thymol is apparently anti-fungal. I use Liquid Bandage if it goes berserk and starts to split my nail — it will ‘glue’ it and the active ingrediant, benzy___(? forgot)chromium is an anti-microbial.
      Since the natural nasty germ killer, silver, has been legal for medical use again (people used to store water in silver-lined urns for its anti-microbial properties), I apply Curad’s silver gel (walgreens) a few times per week. [Some people take colloidal silver drops for immune protection (available at health food stores)]I have even been a pacifist by ‘asking’ them to move on in their journey, but they like it here, it seems.
      Well, I wanted to participate in the discussion because 2 years is a long time and I am so tired of it 🙂 ….before I close, I would like to say that I had 2 tests for fungus return as negative — this happens about 80% of the time, according to what I read. I went to 3 dermotologists — 1 wanted to do a ‘punch biopsy’, which I did not want, 1 said that I had Lichen Planus of the Nails, and another that I had Nail Dystrophy from absent-mindedly picking at my nails. ALL THIS while you can clearly see
      the black flecks, the fuzzy-type growth that starts to eat the keratin at the fingertips, the cracks or fissures along some nails, the waxy and thickened cuticles that fungi CREATES….1 thing that I have considered is getting a script for a different oral anti-fungal, as the sub-types of fungi, I hear, vary, so perhaps 1 of the “-azoles” wld help. Kathy

      1. Borax. Make a paste with water and cover effected areas let it dry. Wash off after about 20 mins.

    2. Been detoxing and cutting out sugar (for the most part). I’ve read everything I can get my hands on and am taking caprylic supplements (found in coconut oil) and grapeFRUIT seed extract. I saw an article that the grapeFRUIT seed extract oil was used for nail fungus as well.

  10. Been on candida diet for months.had blood work done.showed no candida.3 weeks later I’m having same symptoms as before. What do I need to do to get rid of this yeast infection. Thanks

    1. try oregano, garlic. citrus seed extract, caprylic acid and berberine and there are others.

  11. Both of my babies have been suffering from yeast. My son who is 2 1/2 and my 1 year old daughter. My question is in regards to community oil, oregano oil and grapefruit extract. Is it safe for them and how much do you think is a safe amount of each? Thank you!

  12. Does anyone have recommendations for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth? And a lot of people on here recommend yogurt but yogurt has a ton of sugar in it, unless you make your own.

    1. Work with a holistic Dr. SIBO is near impossible to cure when you self-treat. And don’t let them give you the antibiotics (rimoxifan, or whatever it is called) that does not correct the underlying imbalances in your body that allowed the SIBO to happen in the first place and the SIBO will just come back

  13. I would like to recommend to you the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse because I wish I had been taking this years ago! It would have saved me from my annoying little health issues. In addition to helping regulate the “approaching menopause hormones going crazy” yeast infections, the Lady Soma Candida Cleanse makes you super regular, and also, for me, have eliminated all pain from ovarian cysts. I’ve been taking these for 6 months and have no idea how it works, but it does!! Symptom free for 6 months ~ that’s unheard of for me!

    1. Where did you get it? Seems like we’ve had some similar issues. Do you still have yeast at all? It seems for me that it juste sit in my V..with no symptoms at all like my V is its homeostasis!! I just want it to go away.

      1. fill da yougurt nd water in sringe nd use on you v 3 times a day if
        It start itchy from first use that means yougurt working on your yeast nd use it daily for a week atleast

  14. I have the fungal infection near my thighs and buttocks and ihave itching problem in it, from 4 month i am unable to get rid from it please tell me how to remove it completely.

  15. can anybody help me. i have this tinea vesicolor (candida) problem for past 5-8 yrs. it has grown in numbers and ol over my body. how to kill it. please help before i lose hope completely and die.

  16. Hi, I have fungus in my fingernails I would like to know what is the best thing that would work, Is hard when I read information in the internet and it says avoid sugar but mostly every food has sugar. i’m putting tea tree oil on my nails, 2 times a day but it seem that it doesn’t really work

  17. I think ib have bowel candida skin rashes sore throats itching burning stomach and legs driving me mad any suggestions

  18. Use yougurt around 1 kg a day for 3 to 5 days will cure yeast infection nd you need to
    Have first cup in the morning nd coco nut water atleast 500ml a day
    You see da result just after drinking first cup of yougurt. Candida start running feels itchy but don’t worry

  19. You can use Oregano, but it’s so strong that it kills the good bacteria too.
    Candida likes Sugar!
    Stop your sugare intake. You be amazed how much Sugar is in your food.
    For instance tomatosoup. If you would make your own tomatosoup would you put Sugar in it????
    Eliminate all the Sugar.

    Try this first for 3 months and see how it goes. If you feel way much better then try probiotics.
    If you does this at the start it’s to much.
    Step by step. First eliminate, you getting sicker at the start and then you have to build up again.
    You can introduce after a couple of months the Sugar but in small amount.
    You will learn how much Sugar you can use without having candidasymptomes.

    The point is that our food is overloaded with sugars.

  20. I had a bad run of fungus in my gut and on my skin. A natropath put me on horopito tincture, collodial silver internally and spray externally, also had a horopito skin cream, olive leaf, garlic and coconut oil and have had a massive improvement. Its all gone from my skin and i dont have any signs of it in my gut. I went on an anti candida diet for about a week then started eating porrige and soughdough bread again and im fine. Have also introduced banannas and other sugary fruits without a problem. I still stay of refined sugar though as it always made it worse. Good luck everyone!!

  21. Hey guys ,
    I have been trying to work my body out for years , so happy I found your site and comments on here… Where do I start .. I am so moody , my face breaks out all the time but only around my neck and jawline .. Really hurts .. My face feels itchy .. My belly feels bloated all the time , legs feel yuck . I have trouble going to the toilet for number twos , have pains in belly . Feel so run down all the time . Have had a lot of urine infections as well , thrush , always getting sick with Viruses… I have a feeling I have CANDIDA…

    How do I fix this and get rid of this … So over feeling so down about it .. Just want to feel good again ..

    Also my diet is pretty good … I have cut most sugar , milk

    1. Hello Skye, it will help you to eat some low sugar fruit and drink 10 glasses of water with a little lemon or lime juice in it Everyday!. Make it up in pitcher so you can see you are drinking the correct amount. Cut out all sugar and milk (except almond milk) until you get well.

  22. Just dont give up, care about yourself, exercise and use natural drinks and food.
    I am satisfied with this. I hope you will get better, too.

  23. If you think you have fungus coming out on your skin, apply Tree Tea Oil on your skin. But know that if the fungus is bad enough to affect your skin, you also need to get it under control internally. One of the best meds for that is Peaceful Mountain’s Throat spray. It has 45ppm(parts per million) of ionic silver. It also totally kills a strep infection with just one or two squirts. I just put it in an empty capsule and swallow it. If I had it so bad that it’s coming out on my skin, I would take at least half the 1.5 oz container in one day. You cannot overdose ionic(or collidiol)silver.

  24. I have had Crohns disease for most of my life, but noW HAVE IT MANAGED WITH bOSWELLIA, however now I have been diagnosed with having Emphysema, which I am thinking now is Candida in the Lungs, to be continually breathless, and fatigued. I have started as and bread elimination from my diet. Can you advise me further if I am on the right track?

  25. Wow! Information overload. I have had candida for about 5 years now and the only thing that helps is the candid diet and oxy aloe. I purchased the ultimate candida diet. It comes with recipes too (link below). Dont quit or it will come back 10 times worse though. Ive heard there is no cure once it’s systemic, rooted in organs. I just do my best to keep it under control. Colloidal silver in 45ppm (parts per million) at I just started using wound relief on my outter sores, and it works great. Great for burning during a yeast infection. I have not tried their candida stuff, but will if needed. Right now, like I said, I use oxy aloe flush . please tell them that martha slobojan sent you. Remember, just like a diabetic has to eat to keep their blood sugar under control, we too must eat according to our candida. Excepting it will allow you to live a more peaceful life in making better diet choices. With that said, I will be honest that I have problems evertime I move past phase one in the candida diet, but I love the foods, so im sticking with it and adding meats and other natural foods slowly so I can tell if they feed this aggravating candida. It owns me. Ugh. of phase one in the candida diet it returns.

  26. Also, candida doesn’t cause cancer. It is the result of cancer patients that have been on radiation, chemo and antibiotics for so long.

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