What Big Pharma Isn’t Telling You about ED Drugs

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At more than $10 a pill, Viagra pulls in over $2 billion a year in sales. It’s a monster money-maker for Pfizer, but they aren’t the only ones in on the action.

Eli Lilly brings in over $1.5 billion worldwide on their “weekend pill” called Cialis. And Bayer has seen sales of Levitra grow past half a billion dollars annually.

These companies are making huge profits from men who are desperate for a solution. But the truth is they’re selling empty promises. What these companies know (but most guys don’t) is that erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs eventually stop working.

They don’t give you your sex drive back. At best, they deliver a short-term fix that can end up making your performance problems worse than ever. And doctors are seeing these results in their offices every day.

One Harvard physician says many men are defeated when drugs like Viagra stop working and their sexual problems come back.

A University of Alabama doctor agrees. He says his patients are crushed by how quickly drugs like Viagra stop working.

And a practicing urologist in the UK says over 50 percent of men using ED drugs discover they’re not a long-term solution to their problems.

The Five Million Man Myth

While it’s most common after the age of 75, men can suffer from ED at any age. About 5 million men in the U.S. currently suffer from ED and that figure continues to rise.

Many of these men turn to ED drugs in desperation, thinking they’ll fix the problem. After all, plenty of studies show that these drugs can work. The catch is that they only work for a short time.

An associate clinical professor of urology at Harvard Medical School has seen the failure of these drugs in his own patients. His name is Dr. Abraham Morgentaler and he recently wrote a book called The Viagra Myth.

He says his patients don’t understand why the drugs stop working. One of those patients is a 58-year-old man who has been struggling with erectile dysfunction for years and turned to Viagra for help. “Bill” took 100 mg of the drug regularly. And just like the ads promised, his sex life dramatically improved. He felt like a new man.

Bill also noticed some unexpected side effects like breathing problems and chest pain, but he paid them no mind. All that really mattered was that these drugs were doing their job and he was back to being a bedroom champ.

Then, just like that, the drugs stopped working — and everything went right back to the way it was before.

What happened to Bill is all too common. Men find that their bodies naturally adapt to these drugs and the initial improvements simply disappear.

Tackling ED a Different Way

Dr. Geoff Hackett is a consultant in sexual medicine at Good Hope Hospital in the UK. He has been a well-respected physician for over 28 years.

In front of the British Society for Sexual Medicine, Dr. Hackett made his point about ED drugs very clear. He thinks everyone is looking at erectile dysfunction the wrong way. They should be looking at it as a warning sign for heart problems.

You see, impotence is very often a sign of poor circulation. And those who rush to remedy the problem with a pharmaceutical solution could be ignoring an impending threat to their health.

A much better solution is exercise…

Scientists at the New England Research Institutes studied the habits of 593 men for nine-years.1 They found that men who burned at least 200 calories a day through exercise (that is the equivalent of a brisk half hour walk) were far less likely to become impotent, compared to men who were inactive. They also discovered that the more exercise the men did, the lower the risk became.

These results are no surprise when you consider that exercise improves circulation, increases testosterone and optimizes weight… all of which will improve sexual performance.

So, if you want more “get up and go” in the bedroom… then get up and go for a walk!

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1 Urology August 2000;56:302-306.