Formula Beats Back Prostate Cancer by Almost 30 Percent

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A battle’s been won in the war against cancer. The latest research shows that one all-natural botanical formula can beat it down. Even better, it does it safely and without any side effects.

The formula comes from Dr. Isaac Eliaz. He got his MD from Tel Aviv University and currently runs a successful practice and research clinic in California.

He’s spent his career looking for a natural way to fight cancer, without the damaging effects of surgery or chemo.

So we tracked him down and asked him how he came up with his formula.

His answer was simple: through hard work and meticulous research.

“I developed the formula based on my life-long studies in multiple medical systems,” he told us. That, plus “extensive research and 25 years of clinical experience.”

He’s so sure of his formula, that he’s let other scientists put it to the clinical test.

The most recent one was headed up by Dr. Daniel Sliva. He’s a lead cancer researcher at Indiana University.

He and his team tested out the formula in the lab. And at the end of the study he found that “this formula is a treatment for…prostate cancer.”

His findings have been published in a top peer-reviewed journal. You can read them for yourself in The International Journal of Oncology.

Compound Uses Proven Ingredients in Unique Mix

The formula mixes medicinal mushrooms with many other ingredients that you’ll probably already know. That’s because each one has been shown to be really good at fighting cancer. The list includes curcumin, saw palmetto and pomegranate.

Dr. Eliaz used these ingredients because the research behind each one is so credible. But he also added a couple of brand new ingredients to his formula. And it’s this unique mix, in the right dosages, that makes his cocktail so effective.

“By using the most advanced findings in this field, I’ve developed an all-natural prostate formula,” he says. “It continues to be studied at major research institutes, with positive results.”

And positive results are exactly what this latest study has shown.

Dr. Sliva took the formula and tested it out on lab mice. Now you might think that mice can’t tell us much about how the formula would work on humans. But this study was a little bit different. It used lab mice, but grafted human prostate cancer cells into them. And those cancer cells were a really aggressive kind.

But the formula still did its work. The mice getting the formula had a 27 percent drop in tumor growth compared to the mice in the placebo group.

The study showed that the formula had other good benefits too. It cut genes involved in metastasis. And as you may know, that’s what makes prostate cancer deadly.

The good results didn’t end there. The scientists also found that the formula increased a gene that specifically combats cancer cells.

And there’s one last thing you should know about the study. It showed that the formula did all this, without any bad side effects.

“This dietary supplement is a natural therapy of human prostate cancer,” concluded Dr. Sliva.

And this wasn’t the only study to test out the formula. Researchers at Columbia University also looked at it. And they got similar results. Their results were also published in a peer-reviewed journal. They appeared in Integrative Cancer Therapy. And you can read the abstract here.

What This Means to You

As we told you earlier, this formula used a mix of herbs and mushrooms. But not just any old mushrooms. It used very special ones. They included the American oyster mushroom, and two Asian medical ones. These were the Ganoderma Lucidum and Phellinus Linteus mushrooms.

So start trying to work these mushrooms into your diet. But the formula packed such a good punch because it also included curcumin, saw palmetto and pomegranate. So if you’re not already taking these herbs, make sure to pick them up.

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It will tell you specific details about this formula. You’ll also find out about the actual dosages you need to take.

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Ian Robinson,
Editorial Director, NHD “Health Watch”