Sweet Treat Cuts Reaction that Causes Colon Cancer

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We told you last week about a promising study on colon cancer. Now we’ve found another one that’s just as good. Maybe better if you consider how it tastes.

The research comes from Dr. María Ángeles Martín Arribas. She leads research at the Institute of Food Science and Technology and Nutrition (ICTAN). And her results were published in Molecular Nutrition & Food Research.

She says this remedy can protect you against colon cancer. It works by blocking oxidative stress from developing into colon cancer. And as we’ve told you before, toxins in the food you eat cause oxidative stress in your body.

Fighting Cancer in 3 Ways

The remedy is cocoa. It protects you from colon cancer because it’s loaded with phytochemicals. And it’s especially rich in polyphenols, which also fight the disease.

Dr. Arribas injected rats with a chemical that causes colon cancer. Then she fed them a cocoa-rich diet. The cocoa cut the chemical compound in their colons. It also slashed toxic damage. And killed cancer cells.

The rats were only fed cocoa for 12 percent of their diet. That means they didn’t even get a lot of polyphenols. There’s a good chance the results would have been even better if they were given higher dosages.

The Best Kind to Get

You shouldn’t go out and buy any kind of chocolate. Most chocolate is heavily processed and contains very little cocoa. If you want to add some to your diet, eat the darkest type you can find. It should be at least 85 percent cocoa.

You can also buy 100 percent cocoa powder and add it to your drinks.

Cocoa may offer new hope for fighting cancer. And researchers are still studying its benefits. So we’ll keep you in the loop on their findings as they happen.

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Managing Editor, NHD “Health Watch”