Remedy May Cut Risk of Hereditary Cancer in Half

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A top cancer researcher has “discovered” a little pill that can half the risk of contracting certain cancers. Even better that pill has an all-natural counterpart.

Sir John Burn, MD has focused his research on these kinds of cancers. He’s leads clinical genetics research at Newcastle University. And he’s served as President of the European Society of Human Genetics.

He says that past studies have shown the remedy reduces bowel and uterine cancer in people who have a hereditary chance of getting those deadly diseases. And he’s now discovered that it works for other types of cancer too.

His 10-year study took place across 16 countries and the results were recently published in world-renowned journal The Lancet.

Dr. Patrick Morrison was his co-author on the study. He’s an honorary professor at Queen’s University in the UK.

“This is a huge breakthrough in terms of cancer prevention,” says Dr. Morrison. “For those who have a history of cancer in their family, this will be welcome news.”

Is This Cancer-Combating Miracle Already on Your Shelf?

It may come as a surprise to you…but the pill used in the study is aspirin. It’s derived from a natural source, willow bark. Willow bark has a long history as one of the most common pain remedies in the world. But this new research shows that it may work for cancer too.

The study looked at people with Lynch syndrome. (That’s an inherited genetic disorder that causes cancer.)

He took 861 people and gave them either aspirin or placebo. The people who took aspirin developed the same number of abnormal tissue growths as those who took the placebo.

But the big difference was that there were 50 percent fewer incidents of those growths turning cancerous in the aspirin group.

“600 mg aspirin per day for 25 months substantially reduced cancer incidence,” says Dr. Burn.

600 mg breaks down to just two regular aspirin tablets a day. And the study suggests that taking two aspirin a day may cut your chances of dying from hereditary cancer in half.

Dr. Morrison believes this discovery is only the beginning.

“Not only does it show we can reduce cancer rates and ultimately deaths,” he says. “It opens up other avenues for further cancer prevention research.”

Natural Remedy 2,500 Years in the Making

Aspirin and willow bark are proven pain remedies. In fact, willow bark’s use dates back to 400 BC when Hippocrates left behind records of using powder from the tree to relieve pain.

Now this new research suggests it may help combat some types of cancer. The study got significant results with two aspirin tablets each day…but the medical community considers that to be pretty high.

That’s why you might want to opt for the natural form of it. The only active ingredient in 600 mg of aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid – and that’s a synthetic version of willow bark.

You can buy 300 mg of white willow bark in capsule form right here and if you take two a day you’re getting the same amount of active ingredient as Dr. Burn used in his study.

As always, we’ll keep you updated on the latest cancer research available.

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