Scientific Studies Show…You Need Modern Protection from the Modern World

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In the modern world, we’re surrounded by environmental toxins. There’s mercury in the food on your plate…in the fillings in your teeth …and in the vaccines the government pushes your children to get.

Farmed fish are loaded with toxic PCBs and dioxins. You ingest a healthy dose of steroids each time you eat non-organic chicken at a restaurant. And even that plastic bottle you’re drinking water from is leaching a chemical called BPA.

Our bodies are under a daily assault from the environment we live in…and it’s necessary to nourish our immune system so we can stay healthy.

Stacks of research will point you in a million different directions. You’ve probably filled your cabinet with 10 or more different supplements.

You may be eating a healthy diet with a steady intake of protein, vegetables, and some fruit. And you probably know by now that you should avoid carbs and processed foods altogether.

And all of this is good advice, but sometimes we need an extra boost to maintain good health.

But there may be one formula that can balance your immune system without over-stimulating it. That’s because the key to good health is a balanced immune system, not an over-hyped one…

An Extra Layer of Protection

Our research team has come up with a new option. It’s a formula that contains a powerful powdered mushroom loaded with antioxidants. It combines perfectly with another immune modulating ingredient to form a potent immonomodulator.

We’ve also added one vitamin to the ingredient list. While this vitamin is good for you…it serves another purpose in the formula. It actually supports the activity of the other ingredients within your body. And it’s a key supporter so you know every bit you take arrives safely to its destination.

This formula was built to promote optimal immune function, and balance your body. It offers the support that your immune system needs. And when it has that support…it will help you maintain good health.

Foundation to Overall Health

So how can this formula help you?

It supports the cells that are at the core of your immune system. It can give you a chance to operate more efficiently…

When your immune system is working properly…you feel stronger and more energized. That’s the bottom line.

And that’s why we created a formula called Prime Immune. It contains scientifically researched ingredients to balance your immune system…and help keep your health strong.

The newly released formula is available right now…just in time for the winter.

To read more about it – go here.

We’ll continue to research the most effective ways to boost your health in all areas.

To your best health,

Michael Jelinek,

Managing Editor, NHD “Health Watch”