The Technology Revolution Just Might Kill You

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There is a new danger to your health: electronic waste. It accumulates when we throw away cell phones, computers, and TVs.

They end up at recycling centers. Many are located in China and other faraway places. And when they’re dismantled, toxic heavy metals are released.

Researchers at Zhejiang University recently conducted a study. They exposed human lung cells to air samples from a local dismantling complex. They found significant damage in the cells. Damage that could lead to cancer. The results appeared in the journal Environmental Research Letters.

Why is e-waste so bad? You inhale the contaminated air. And the heavy metals pollute your body. They also leach into the water, soil, and atmosphere.

That’s the dark side of the technology revolution. The side you never hear about.

Allen Hershkowitz is a senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council in New York. He’s a leading expert on environmental issues. And he’s known as “The Godfather of Greening.”

Hershkowitz says e-waste is a growing problem.

“Lead, cadmium, mercury, chromium, polyvinyl chlorides. All of these materials have known toxicological effects that range from brain damage to kidney disease to mutations, cancers,” he said. “The problem with e-waste is that it is the fastest-growing component of the municipal waste stream worldwide.”

Now, consider the fact that Americans throw away 130,000 computers every day. And 100 million cell phones annually. The problem will only get worse.

So how can you escape this threat?

Protect Yourself from E-Toxins with 6 Natural Solutions

One of the best ways to protect yourself is to build up your immune system. Start by eliminating sugar from your diet. Sugar is poisonous to the body. It weakens white blood cells by up to 50%. That could leave you defenseless against toxic invaders.

You should also exercise regularly. Exercise helps cleanse the body of impurities through the sweat. (Saunas have the same effect.) It helps circulate disease-fighting antibodies and white blood cells.

Get plenty of sun to boost vitamin D.

And get a good night’s sleep. Rest helps repair the body.

Eat lots of antioxidant-rich foods. That includes berries, grapes, and other fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants prevent oxidative stress. That’s the culprit leading to cell damage from e-waste and other sources of toxic poisoning.

Earlier this month, we reported on a doctor who discovered an all-natural chelator. It’s found in the leaves of an herb native to Southern Europe, North Africa, and Southwestern Asia. It’s a good way to remove toxins from your body in your own home.

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E-waste is a pervasive problem. And it’s only going to get worse. The more you can do to protect yourself, the better.

To your best health,

Michael Jelinek,
Managing Editor, NHD “Health Watch”