New Therapy Cuts Cancer Risk

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Scientists may finally be able to combat prostate cancer. That’s because they’re looking at the disease in a totally new light. And testing out a radical new theory.

This new theory seems to be holding up. Studies and clinical tests show it works. And the best part is… it allows the disease to be treated with an all-natural remedy. One that’s available in every grocery store. It’s cheap, effective, and totally safe. And we’re going to tell you how you can get it!

Fighting Prostate Cancer in a New Way

For the last 70 years doctors believe that too much testosterone is a big factor in prostate cancer. But emerging science proves that the reverse is actually true. As you age, your testosterone levels naturally lower. And more and more doctors now believe this is one of the biggest causes of prostate disease. You can read all about this in our article “Everything You’re Doing for Your Prostate May Be Wrong.”

But it’s not just lower levels of testosterone that cause prostate problems for older men. The latest research shows that it’s also raising levels of estrogen.

Dr. Mark Rubin is an associate professor of pathology at Harvard Medical School.

He began researching the link between estrogen and prostate cancer over a decade ago.

During that time he’s become a leading expert on the subject.


  • Was the principal investigator of three National Institutes of Health awards in prostate health.
  • Won a Prostate SPORE (Specialized Programs of Research Excellence) from the National Cancer Institute.
  • Headed up prostate research for the Department of Defense.
  • Wrote 170 peer-reviewed journals on prostate disease.

And he believes that elevated estrogen is a critical factor in prostate cancer.

So he teamed up with Dr. Kirsten Mertz – also of Harvard Medical School. Together they designed their own follow-up study.

“We wanted to learn more,” says Dr. Rubin. “What is the genetic fingerprint of this aggressive tumor?”

Digging into Your Genes

They took blood samples from and studied the DNA of over 2,500 men with prostate cancer. They found that elevated estrogen was present in over 50 percent of all cases.

But then they went deeper. They developed a brand new technology. One that can read gene profiles hidden in clinical samples.

“That led us to perform the largest gene-expression microarray analysis yet conducted in prostate cancer research,” says Dr. Rubin.

They studied over 6,000 different types of genes. And they found something brand new. That elevated estrogen isn’t just a common factor in most prostate cancer cases. It actually causes one of the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

That’s because estrogen causes genes to splice together, which results in a fusion gene. One that causes an ultra-aggressive form of prostate cancer.

Their findings were published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. They conclude that inhibiting estrogen is a powerful way to fight prostate cancer.

Other doctors have been trying to do just that since their groundbreaking study was published. Now a new clinical study shows that you can lower your estrogen and slow the progression of prostate cancer. Just by adding one simple thing to your diet.

On Friday we’ll tell you how lowering estrogen is making a real difference for men with prostate cancer. And we’ll tell you what you need to buy the next time you go to the grocery store.

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