Let This Hormone Fight Fat For You

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me exciting news on the weight loss front… in particular on how one recently-discovered hormone can help you manage your appetite and lose weight fast.

It comes from Dr. Tony Goldstone, MD, PhD, who leads hormone research at the prestigious Imperial College of London and Hammersmith Hospital. Dr. Goldstone studied medicine at both Oxford and Cambridge universities and has since led the research field on hormones and nutrition publishing over two dozen peer reviewed papers on the subject.

He has just conducted a study on how this hormone affects appetite. He found it increased hunger in every patient he studied. But what makes his findings so significant is that they prove for this first time that this hormone not only makes you hungry. It also makes you want food that is bad for you. Simply put, it’s the biological reason you make bad food choices instead of healthy ones.

His findings have been published, reviewed, and applauded by the scientific community.

”It’s fascinating how hormones can make you interested in chocolate,” says Dr. Daniel Bessesen of the University of Colorado, Denver. He’s studied Dr. Goldstone’s findings and says they revolutionize our understanding of appetite and how we select food.

“It’s not all about hunger,” says Dr. Bessesen. “There is also this attractiveness of food. It’s why we overeat these days.”

He says Dr. Goldstone’s findings show that “there is a biological basis for that [attractiveness].”

Hunger Is in Your Hormones

So just what is this new hormone that has scientists so excited? It’s called ghrelin and it was first “discovered” about 10 years ago. It’s often called the “hunger” hormone – and with good reason. It’s the hormone that tells you you’re hungry.

This hunger hormone is made in the stomach. When your stomach is empty, ghrelin is produced. That’s when it tells your brain that it’s time to eat. After eating, your stomach fills, and ghrelin decreases. And so does your appetite.

But ghrelin isn’t just “the hunger hormone.” It also metabolizes fat. One of its main functions is to store fat for energy. So the more ghrelin you produce, the more fat your store. And one recent study – published in the International Journal of Obesity – shows that it specifically builds belly fat… the worst kind for health.

On Friday we’ll share more about Dr. Goldstein’s finding… and tell you how to control ghrelin and lose body fat fast.

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